Planner Admin Guide

This section describes how to use the Modeler.


Run the CallistoAdmin.exe program to access the Modeler. The CallistoAdmin.exe program will access the Admin Web Server and launch the Logon to Modeler window.

New version:User Id must be entered in the full format of domain\username.

Old version:

If the userid, domain, and password are not entered, the Modeler will attempt to logon using the same credentials that were used to logon to windows on the computer.

The Select Application window contains 5 different buttons.

  1. OK - launches the Modeler for the selected Application
  2. Cancel – closes the Select Application window
  3. New – launches the New Application window/wizard
  4. Server Setup - launches the Server Setup window
  5. Update Client – Updates the local Model program with the latest version from the Clients folder on the server.
    • Create an update client reference section
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