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Installing Planner on Two Servers

It requires user with domain administration rights on both servers and it’s part of the IIS user group on the application server.

Server 1 (Database Server)

SQL Server & SSAS

  1. Add Callisto Security Assembly Click Here
  2. Check and if necessary set access rights.
    1. The user that runs the SQL Server service needs to have sysadmin rights on SQL Server.
    2. The user that runs the SSAS service needs to have sysadmin rights on SQL Server.
    3. The user that runs the SQL Server Agent needs to be added to the administrator group due to that it needs to run PowerShellscripts
  3. Switch off Binary/Collation sort on SSAS if applicable.

Server 2 (Application Server)

  1. Re-confirm that
    1. IIS is installed & it has ISAP & CGI, .NET 4.5, ASP.NET.
    2. Change ISAPI Extension is allowed for .net 4.5 on IIS.
    3. Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2 Native Client installation (Please install the corresponding SQL Server Native Client, 2012 & 2008 R2 is available in this page from Reference.)
    4. Planner installed
    5. Language Format settings need to be English, so the doublenum property type is saved correctly in the modeller
    6. The SQL Agent user is added to the administrators user group due to allow processing of powershell scripts for night jobs.
  2. Confirm installation and install if necessary the appropriate Microsoft® SQL Server® Native Client
      • Click on Download
      • If the server is 64-bit, select ENU\x64\sqlncli.msi
      • If the server is 32-bit, select ENU\x86\sqlncli.msi
      • Click on Next button to download and install.
    1. Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012/2014 Native Client
    2. Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2 Native Client
    3. If there is any problem between the connections with both servers, please check:
  3. Add a new section in web.config in the <system.web> group to allow access from SQL server to the appserver via webservice calls.
    1. version 1.3 : C:\Program Files\Performance Management Server\Web_Service\web.config
    2. version 1.4: C:\Program Files\Performance Management Server\CLAdmin\web.config
    3. version 1.4: C:\Program Files\Performance Management Server\CLService\web.config
          <add name="HttpGet"/>
          <add name="HttpPost"/>

  4. Please restart below after re-editing the web.config file:
    1. for version 1.3 - IIS & CallistoService
    2. for version r1.4 - IIS, CallistoService & CLRptService

Important Information

IMPORTANT During EFP Installation on Multi Servers
Please type the real ApplicationServerName:PortNumber in ApplicationServer (not localhost:PortNumber)

  • Application
    1. ApplicationServer - Type the real ApplicationServerName:PortNumber here (not localhost:PortNumber)
    2. AdminUser - It should be the same user that set up Planner
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