Configure pcMobile for Planner

To be able to create a Planner Gem, it is necessary to add a data source using the olap pump for the planner cube(s) and to add a planner server.

In Client mode, go to “Admin Console” → “Data sources” → right click menu for adding data sources and planner server. Right click menu for adding data sources and planner server

Just add your planner cubes as regular data sources.

Adjust if the planning cube is not visiable or you have performance issues with planning reports

  1. Stop the pcMobile Service
  2. Add the following 8 lines (copy and paste) to the file in the install directory (default is C:\Program Files\Performance Canvas) - make sure to set the Cubenames to correct cubename(s). A common name is “Finance”:
    dsp.olap.prefetch=PlanningModelname1, PlanningModelname1, etc...
  3. Start the pcMobile Service
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