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Information on added functionality and bug fixes.

Build 4273

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin – Fixes a rare problem where workbooks opened as Assignment Forms are not automatically saved in the AssignmentForms folder.
  • Excel Addin – Added Trace Log message when an Assignment Form workbook is saved to the AssignmentForms folder.

Build 4272

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin – Fixes a problem in build 4271 with an OLAP query error when a report slicer is _Value measure and a node in the report has a defined slicer set to the _Text measure.

Build 4271

This update adds the following:

  • Server Install – Adds support for SQL Server 2019. (Note: To upgrade an existing server to SQL Server 2019, requires an uninstall of the existing Performance Management Server and a reinstall with this new server install. All existing applications and data are preserved.)

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin – Some workbooks with multiple tabs which are saved in the Shared Library are saved with the wrong tab selected, and therefore when the workbooks are opened from the Shared Library the wrong tab is selected. To correct the problem in any existing workbooks in the Shared Library, open the workbook, select the correct tab, and then save the workbook back to the Shared Library. This will overwrite the existing workbook and correct the problem.
  • Excel Addin – Corrects a problem causing some Applications, which use Assumptions models, to not maintain the CV member settings on Measures dimensions when a user opens an application in Excel.

Build 4270

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin – CV settings no longer get reset occasionally when changing Applications.

Build 4268

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin – In the Report Wizard, Copy Report works correctly again.

Build 4267

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin – Reports containing explicit references to a member will no longer crash if the Label for the member is changed in the Modeler.
  • Web Services – In the Modeler, Copy Application will no longer fail on any List that has not been saved with build 4254 or later. (Note: This requires a Deploy of the application before attempting the Copy Application.)
  • CallistoService – When a business rule includes another business rule in a different Model, data will be automatically processed into the appropriate Model. This fixes a problem where data for the Model referenced by an included rule were missing from reports after running the business rule if the models do not have partitions defined.
  • Excel Addin – Resolved a problem with sending data when the SAP EPM addin is active. The SAP EPM addin causes an Excel api call to fail that interferes with our prior send data validations when running foreign language versions of Excel.
  • Please deploy in the modeler / do upgrade your excel add-on after upgrade modeler.

Build 4266

This update updates the following:

  • Excel Addin – On Send Data extra server requests eliminated during refresh of security settings. The performance improvement might be noticeable on small to medium size input schedules.
  • Excel Addin – Eliminated unnecessary refresh of security settings when opening the Data Manager.
  • Excel Addin – Suppress if column and Suppress if row should now work reliably. This corrects a problem where inappropriate rows or columns could be randomly suppressed.

Build 4265

This update adds the following:

  • Excel Addin – In the Data Manager, Run Business Rules now displays the list of members to be skipped on the request confirmation dialog box. (Note: Only the first 40 members to be skipped are displayed.)

This update fixes the following:

  • CallistoService – When the Automatic business rule is empty and there are partitions defined for a model, only the appropriate partition will be processed when data is submitted.
  • Excel Addin – In the Report Wizard, when a user clicks the Copy report button, Excel will no longer crash when the Copy Worksheet step fails. (Note: This can occur when some Excel Addins interfere with the normal operation of Excel.)
  • Excel Addin – When saving to the Web Library reports are checked for Excel named range references. All Excel range references are converted to the current values in the referenced ranges. A warning message is displayed for conversions about to take place for any Excel range names found in the report.
  • Modeler – In Server Setup on the System Administrators tab if a userid and password are supplied on the Logon, then Save System Administrators will no longer give an error message about your userid missing when it is already there.
  • Modeler – In Server Setup on the Server tab then Save will display any error messages returned from the server instead of displaying an empty error message.
  • Modeler, Web Services – Import Application / Restore Extract no longer fails due to large size of extract data files. Data is now loaded in chunks and displays progress during the restore.
  • Modeler, Web Services – Import Application / Restore Extract no longer fails due to large size of dimension with a timeout error.

Build 4264

This update fixes the following:

  • Web Services – When “Enable Application level logon” is set to No, secure dimensions now display the correct members in Excel.
  • CallistoService – Run business rule requests to multiple cubes which get processed at the same time, no longer have an error with business rule not found.
  • CallistoService – When the service is stopped while a submission is being actively processed there will no longer be a crash under some circumstances.

Build 4263

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin, CLRptService – Formula nodes are no longer open for input in Input Schedules.
  • Modeler – Workflow editor Copy/ Paste of Assignments no longer results in linked objects while editing.
  • Excel Addin – Opening the Shared Library while using File based storage will no longer cause Excel to crash on some computers.
  • Excel Addin – using CLACTION command line parameter to publish a book will now refresh CL functions properly. (Note: See updated User Guide for further info on this.)
  • Excel Addin – when using CLACTION command line parameter it is no longer necessary to include the Callisto.xll or Callisto64.xll file on the command line if our ribbon is installed.
  • Excel Addin – Publish to tabs no longer flashes reports during refresh.
  • Excel Addin – In Report Edit when editing List node members, selecting from the Member Selector on a View hierarchy will return unique member names that retrieve data for the specific members selected. (Note: On View hierarchies the unique member name format is different than normal hierarchies.)
  • Excel Addin – CLValue formula retrieving text data will no longer crash Excel when the model referenced in the formula is different than the model selected in the CV.
  • Excel Addin – CL_MacroRefreshWorksheet no longer ignores parameters and returns True for CL_IsRefreshing while the refresh is underway.

Build 4261

This update fixes the following:

  • Web Services, CLRptService – When a Dynamic rule encounters a divide by zero condition it returns a zero again as in previous versions.
  • Excel Addin – Book Publisher will now publish correctly when the user currently has one of the workbooks open which is specified to be published. This condition no longer causes Excel to hang or crash.
  • Excel Addin – Database locks are properly enforced. (Note: A problem with database lock enforcement occurred in build 4256.)

Build 4260

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin, CLRptService – Formats within reports are now resolved in the following order. The order of column and row merging was corrected.

Format Options
Use format options to format headings and data in reports. Formats for individual cells in a report are resolved by merging multiple format settings. The merge order is as follows:

  1. If “Use global formats to initialize all report formats” is checked in Report Options merge Global format options.
  2. Merge Report Options cell format.
  3. Merge Row cell format.
  4. Merge Row parent cell format for parent cells in Expand nodes on rows.
  5. Merge Column cell format.
  6. Merge Column parent cell format for parent cells in Expand nodes on columns.

Build 4259

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin – CL_MacroRefreshWorksheet macro now inserts columns and rows properly when running Excel 2013 or later. (Note: When running Excel 2013 or later this macro is now executed asynchronously.)
  • Excel Addin – For the CV displayed in the Ribbon, the first item displayed will now show the correct lock icon when some dimensions are hidden with an embedded bookmark.

Build 4258

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin – CLProperty functions now return updated values after the user next opens the application when property values have been changed and deployed in the Modeler.
  • Excel Addin – Bookmark settings for a Measure member on each Model now works.
  • Excel Addin – CLSend function referencing a different Model then the CV will now work. CLSend function with a parameter referencing multiple members will now work.

Build 4256

This updates adds the following:

  • Modeler – Dimension Member editor now supports freezing columns. Freeze/Unfreeze button added to the toolbar on the Members tab in the dimension editor. Freeze will freeze the column of the cell currently selected, so that all columns after that can be scrolled left and right while the frozen columns remain displayed.

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin – The Data Manager will no longer sometimes return some duplicate records when the application contains a secure dimension with member views and no member is selected on the secure dimension in the extract criteria.
  • Excel Addin – When scaling is set in report options, List and Member node values are now scaled.
  • Excel Addin, CLRptService – IsWrite property returns correct values of 0 and -1 in reports again.
  • Excel Addin, CLRptService – In a report, a formula that references an expand or list node using Totals Suppress Details or Suppress If will now return the correct value.
  • CLRptService – Ranking now works in web reports.
  • Modeler – In the Dimension Editor attempting to set a filter immediately after creating a new property will no longer cause an error.
  • Web Services – Defining a default value for a TrueFalse field in the Modeler, no longer causes a problem. The invalid default value is now ignored.

Build 4255

This updates adds the following:

  • Excel Addin, CLRptService, Web Pages – Added new “Reverse Signs” option to Report Options. This is useful when defining a Multi Select Slicer on the Account dimension in the Report Slicer. (Note: This option is not used by input schedules.)
  • Excel Addin – Added new “Extract to current worksheet” option to Extract tab of Data Manager.
    • Extract to current worksheet - Extract records to the current worksheet. All existing information in the current worksheet is deleted.
  • Excel Addin – Added new option to CL_ExtractModelData to support new “Extract to current worksheet”.
    • USECURRENTSHEET – Extract records to the current worksheet. All existing information in the current worksheet is deleted.
  • Excel Addin – DataManager options Sum Values, Skip Empty Values, Disable Auto Sign Handling, Suppress if zero, Resolve Send To members, and Extract to current worksheet are saved so the DataManager will open with options initialized to their last settings.

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin – Scaling defined in the Report options are now properly applied to all cells in the report.
  • Excel Addin – Report Wizard now reads all chart positions when changed. (Note: Top and Left positions are only supported for Web reports. Unsupported positions are now noted in the choices. When an unsupported position is selected, it is rendered as Right or Bottom in Excel.)
  • Excel Addin – Charts deleted in the Report Wizard are now removed from Excel.

Build 4254

This updates adds the following:

  • Excel Addin – Added some additional number formats with more decimal places.

This update fixes the following:

  • Modeler – On the Application Selector, the New button is only available to a System Administrator.
  • Excel Addin – Error 400 no longer occurs the first time a user attempts to call a macro from an image within a workbook after opening the workbook from the shared library.
  • Excel Addin – Global Parent Row formats now set on heading and property columns.
  • Modeler, WebServices – List members are maintained in the order arranged in the List editor. (Caution: SequenceNumber is no longer allowed as a defined field name.)

Build 4253

This update adds the following:

  • CLRptService, Web Pages – Added new “Other items” option to the Investigator in the browser.

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin – Defining an empty report with no row or column definitions will no longer create an invalid report definition with multiple Heading rows and columns.
  • Excel Addin – Excel will no longer crash with these steps.
    1. Open a report which contains a List node with some members selected
    2. Switch the CV to a model that does not contain the dimension referenced in the List node
    3. Before doing a refresh of the report, open the report editor and close with OK button.
  • Modeler – Saving Database Locks or Configuration will no longer disable Model Startup Workbook until next deploy.
  • Modeler – The Send to field on the Email users dialog box, opened from the Security Roles page, will now include users from the Users lookup dialog box for selected Security Roles. (Caution: Only users that have an email address configured will be pasted into the Send to field.)
  • WebServices – Security Roles using No Access to remove read access from members within a secured dimension now properly removes those members and their children from the Member Selector in Excel.

Build 4252

This update adds the following:

  • Excel Addin – The member selector dialog box opened on “<double click to add suppressed member>” now supports searching and sorting. Sort the list by clicking a column heading. Searching is not case sensitive and supports the “*” wildcard.
  • Excel Addin – When using Sort and Rank in the Investigator there is a new option to sum suppressed items. The option displays a new row containing totals for the suppressed items which is located at the bottom on the investigation rows. The new row is labeled “Other items”.

Build 4251

This update fixes the following:

  • Excel Addin – Fixed a problem where some CL functions may be unreliable after a user has performed a manual Find or Replace along with selecting options to match case or match entire cell contents.
  • Excel Addin – Addin now detects if Excel v16 is earlier than build 8827, and then takes the appropriate action to avoid popping up the nuisance dialog boxes during a report refresh. (Note: All versions of Excel from Office 2016 through at least Office 2019 are v16.)
  • CallistoService – The object not found message when workflow events are triggered that run a business rule has been fixed.

Build 4200 - 4249

Build 4084 - 4127

Build 3001 - 3057

Build 2400 - 2499

Build 2300 - 2399

Build 2200 - 2299

Build 2100 - 2199

Build 2000 - 2099

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