Server Upgrade

This section describes how to upgrade the server version.

If your planner is V4 version and you would like to upgrade from V4 to V5.

  1. Go to “Programs & Features” (on FP&A server) to uninstall V4 version of Planner.
  2. Go to pcINSTALL to download V5 installer and hotfix.
  3. Use the two installation accounts (from pre-requisites) to install V5 (.msi file)
  4. Apply the hotfix (.zip file) through “Server Update” (as below).

  1. Go to pcINSTALL to download the latest file.
  2. After Server Setup installation, Server Update will be created on desktop.
  3. Login Server Update.
    1. New version r1.4:
      User Id must be entered in the full format of domain\username.
    2. Previous version before r1.4:
  4. Locate to in pcDOWNLOAD folder → Click on Update.
  5. Click on Close.

Client Upgrade

After server update, modeler supposes to be updated as well. If you find out it is not updated(login modeler → About → Version). Please do as below:

  1. Login Modeler → in Select Application window → click on Update Client
  2. Close Modeler → click on OK
  3. Done

  1. Login excel client → in Open Application window → click on Update Client
  2. Close excel → click on OK
  3. Done

Notes / Comments / Suggestions

For server updates, we have not ever required a server reboot. Don’t want to say never, but I can’t think of any updates to the server software that would require a server reboot.

With server updates there are a small number of scenarios they should be aware of:

  • Most updates consist of just copying in new files on the server. While these updates can be performed while the application is in use, this is not a good practice. It is best to pick a time when the application will not be in use for a short period of time. After the update, it is also a good practice to open the Modeler, Update Server Settings for the latest required Client version, and Deploy the application.
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