Audit Log Info

When the Audit Log is enabled within an Application, the right click menu can contain Audit Log Info and Audit Log Rollback. The availability of these options is also controlled by security.

  • Audit Log Info – When a cell is selected within a report, this option will create an Audit Log worksheet containing records of all changes that have been submitted for this number over time. When the cell selected represents a parent level member on any dimension, the Audit Log will contain all changes to all members that are children of the parent.
  • Audit Log Rollback – When viewing an Audit Log worksheet you can select a record, or a range of records, and select this option to rollback data to previous values contained in the Audit Log. You are only permitted to roll back values for data which you have write access to. When an Audit Log worksheet is created the records are sorted from most recent changes to earliest changes. If you select a range of records to roll back, the records are always evaluated from top to bottom, to insure values are always rolled back to the earliest “From” value in the log records selected. If the Audit Log worksheet has NOT been sorted to a different order, this means all changes to the data will be rolled back to the earliest value.
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