The following functions are added to Excel for use in workbooks. (Note: These functions are only available when you run and logon to the Callisto Excel Addin. Otherwise you will get an error message in every cell using one of these functions.)

  • CLCurrentMember(Dimension) – retrieve the currently selected member for a dimension. This member is retrieved in a qualified format that can be used in other functions.
    • Dimension – name of the dimension to retrieve the current view member for.
  • CLCurrentModel() – retrieve the currently selected model name.
  • CLProperty(Member, Property) – retrieve a property value.
    • Member– name of the member to retrieve the property from
    • Property – name of the property to retrieve the property of
  • CLSend(Value, Model (or Member1), Member2, … ) – send data to the server. When the submit button is pressed data for all CLSend functions in a workbook will be submitted to the server. Only data open for input is submitted. This function returns the existing value from the database current cell. However on a refresh, it also pushes the value from the database to the cell referenced with the Value parameter, if that cell does not contain a formula.
    • Note: All data from CLSend functions open for input is sent when the submit button is clicked, which is unlike a defined input schedule where only changed data is submitted. CLSend is not appropriate to use for offline data input.)
    • Note: If any of the CLSend functions return a #N/A (referencing a non-existent combination of dimension members) all CLSend functions will fail.
    1. Value – the data to be submitted to the server when the submit button is clicked. If this parameter contains a reference to another cell and that referenced cell does not contain a formula, when the refresh button is clicked the values from the database are pushed into the referenced cell. (Note: There is no warning prompt to the user before values are pushed to referenced cells.)
    2. Model (or Member1) – a member name or a model name. When a model name data will be retrieved from and sent to the requested model.
    3. Member – up to 20 member names specifying the specific cell in the application to retrieve a value from. Any dimension not specified here will use the member currently selected in the Current View in the Control Panel.
  • CLTimeOffset(Member, TimeOffset, LevelName)
    1. Member – name of the member to retrieve a time offset from
    2. TimeOffset – a positive or negative number specifying to number of periods to offset by, or one of the strings OPE, BEG, or END where OPE = Opening period, BEG = Beginning period, END = Ending period.
    3. LevelName – level of the time dimension to perform the offset on
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