Publish CLValue reports to tabs

When using the Publish to tabs option in the Book Publisher only worksheets containing defined reports are included in the published workbook. By default, worksheets containing reports using on CL functions are not included in the published workbook. This limitation can be overcome by including a hidden empty report in the worksheet containing the CL functions report. Following are steps to accomplish this:

  1. Open the workbook containing the report to be published.
  2. Open Report Wizard.
  3. Delete Heading column and row from report definition there is only 1 blank row and 1 blank column.
  4. Open Report Headings and click Clear All button to remove all headings.
  5. Click OK to create the empty report.
  6. A new worksheet is added to the workbook containing a new Callisto_Rn named range.
  7. Select the worksheet containing the CLValue report to be published.
  8. Insert 1 new row and 1 new column that will be hidden when finished.
  9. Select Excel Formulas / Name Manager from the Excel Ribbon.
  10. Select the new Callisto_Rn name in the list to edit the name range.
  11. Change the Refers to: definition to point to the first cell in the new row and new column created in step 8.
  12. Delete the new worksheet created by the Report Wizard in step 6.
  13. Refresh the workbook which will insert another row and column.
  14. Hide the 2 new rows and 2 new columns.
  15. The workbook is now ready to publish the CLValue report with the Publish to tabs option.
  16. Save the modified workbook and publish to verify the desired results.
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