Report Body

This section displays current Column and Row definitions for the report grid. To select a Column or Row and change the definition, click the label or column heading in this grid.

  • OK – Save report definition in the current workbook, exit the Report Wizard and refresh the report.
  • Cancel – Do not save report definitions, and exit the Report Wizard.
  • Copy report – Copy any other report found in the currently open workbooks. If other reports are found a dialog box opens to select the report to copy. The current report definition will be replaced by the source report selected.
  • Rearrange Columns or Rows – Use a normal drag drop operation to rearrange columns or rows.
  • Toolbar buttons
    • Copy report node – Copy the currently selected row or column item definition. When an item is copied it includes any additional items nested below it.
    • Paste report node – Paste the last copied row or column item definition. (Note: An item copied from one report can be pasted into a different report.)
    • Insert report node – Add a new row or column item definition by inserting it before the item currently selected in the grid.
    • Delete report node – Delete the currently selected row or column item.
    • Save to Web Library – Save the report definition in the Shared Web Library. Reports in the Shared Web Library can be opened on in a browser on mobile devices and PCs as well as Excel on PCs.
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