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To edit a report click the Report Editor button on the Ribbon to open the Report Wizard. The dimensions for the current Model are displayed on the left. The dimensions can be place on rows or columns of the report definition with drag and drop of with the To Column → and To Row → links. The first line of the report headings is displayed in the Report Title line. Additional heading rows can be added in the Report Options. The report definition layout is displayed in the grid. The location of each row and column definition is displayed along the left and the top of the grid. Currently defined rows / columns are highlighted in light gray, and the complete definition will be displayed at the bottom by selecting a row or column definition cell. Cells where new rows or columns can be added are highlighted in dark gray and contain a “+” symbol. Select one of the dark gray cells to define a new row or column. Row / column definitions can be copied, pasted, and deleted with the toolbar buttons. Row / column definitions can be rearranged with drag and drop, and can be deleted with the Delete button. The report definition can be saved to the Shared Web Reports library with the Share to Web Library toolbar button on the right.

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