Report Wizard

The “Report Wizard” is where you create new reports. The report wizard creates the requested report and adds a worksheet to the current workbook with the new report.

In the Report Wizard you can drag and drop dimensions to arrange the layout of your report. Drop dimensions on the dark gray cells to add new rows or columns. Drop dimensions on the light gray cells to insert rows or columns. Click on a light gray cell to see the definition of the row or column at the bottom. Click on items in the list at the bottom to open the Property Wizard and change the definition of a row or column. Enter a title for your report at the top. Click “OK” to create your new report.

  • Options – set Report vs Input Schedule options and set report level slicers.
  • Copy – click this button to copy an existing report from any of the workbooks you currently have. The wizard will close and a list of all reports currently open is presented to select from.
  • Advanced – click this button to switch from the Report Wizard to the Advanced Report Editor.
  • Templates – click this button to switch to a Column and Row template based wizard.

The template based wizard allows you to select from predefined column and row sets to create a new report.

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