From the Ribbon tab you can navigate through your application model and access features of the Excel Add-In. (Note: The name of your tab may be different than shown.) The model and dimension members displayed in the Ribbon are referred to as the Current View. When the Model is changed the filter of dimensions for the selected Model also changes to only display the appropriate dimensions. To change a Current View selection click the row to open the Member Selector.

  • Logon / Logoff – When Excel is first opened only the Logon button appears. Click the Logon button to logon to a server and open an Application. After an Application has been opened, the button changes to Logoff.
  • Application – Click to select a different Application. Opens the Application selector dialog box which displays all Applications you have access to.
  • Control Panel – The checkbox indicates if the legacy Control Panel is open, and is used to open or close the old floating Control Panel.
  • About – Open the About dialog box. This dialog box shows the current build number for the Excel Addin and for the Web Services. From this dialog box a user can modify their email address and display name information. The user can also turn on or turn off a Trace log which an Administrator may ask them to do when trying to track down problems. The Trace log is a text file which is created on the user’s desktop.
  • Refresh – Click this button to refresh all reports in the current workbook with the latest data from the server. When the user changes a CV selection this button changes color to indicate the current reports may not contain data for the current CV selections. When a workbook is refreshed, the color of the button returns to normal.
  • Shared Library – Open or save workboooks and web reports for the shared library.
    • Open Workbook Library – Open the Shared Workbook dialog box where shared workbooks can be opened or saved.
    • Latest version: Open Web Reports – Open the Shared Web Reports dialog box where shared reports can be opened or saved. When a shared report is opened a new worksheet is created in the current workbook for the report.
  • Book Publish – Click this button to open the Book Publisher dialog box. This is used for publishing books of reports, or modifying a book definition.
  • Send Status – Click this button to check the status of any data you have sent to the server. There is a delay between the time you send data from an Input Schedule (or the Data Manager) and the time the data has been updated through out the complete Application on the server. This button changes color to yellow when there are submissions still pending on the server. When there are no more submissions pending for the user, this button returns to the normal color, and the refresh button changes color.
  • Send Data – Click this button to send any changed data from an Input Schedule to the Application on the server. The send status button will change color after changed data has been sent to the server.
  • Workflow Assignments – Click this button to check for any data submissions or approvals assigned to you that are due. The Assignments dialog box opens for you to open data submissions, submit data for approval, and to approve or reject submissions.
  • Data Manager – Click this button to open the data manager dialog box. The Data Manager dialog box may contain 4 tabs named Load, Extract, Clear, and Run Rules.
    1. Load - Use to load a table of data from Excel into the Application. Data will be loaded data from the current Excel sheet into the current Model. Click the OK button to load the table of data in the current worksheet.
    2. Extract – Use to extract data from the Application into a table in Excel. A list of dimensions for the current Model is displayed in the left pane. Members can be selected for each dimension to define the slice of data to be extracted. Click the OK button to execute an extract on the requested slice of data into a table on a new worksheet in the current workbook.
    3. Clear – a Current View list of dimensions is displayed in the Right Pane of the Clear tab. This Current View list of dimensions is used to define a slice of data that will be Cleared from the Model. Click the OK button to execute a Clear on the slice of data defined in the Current View list of dimensions on the Clear tab.
    4. Run Rules – Use to run a business rule against a slice of the Application. Shows the list of Rules which the user has been granted access too. When selecting a Rule from the list, a list of dimensions is displayed in the left pane. Members can be selected for each dimension to define the slice of the current Model the rule should be run for. Click the OK button to execute the selected rule against the requested slice of the current Model.
  • Bookmarks – Use to set default current view settings
  • Report Wizard – Use to create a new report.
  • Book Editor – Use to modify a book definition.
  • Report Editor – Use to modify the definition of the current report.
  • Current View – Displays the currently selected Model and the currently selected Member for each dimension. To change any selection, click on the value to open the Member or Model Selector. To see additional information about any selection, hover over the button.
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