Bookmarks are used to control the CV display in the Ribbon and initial member selections. This allows Administrators to provide their users environments tailored to processes such as Forecasting, Budgeting, Actual Reporting etc. With Bookmarks CV settings can be initialized to selected members, dimensions can be hidden from view in the Ribbon, and Filters can be applied to the Member Selector to limit member choices available. The Administrator can provide Common Bookmarks available for all users in the shared library. Users can define Personal Bookmarks for their personal use.

  • Bookmark feature is used to set default current view settings.
  • Default current view is displaying all user's dimensions.
  • Bookmark is to set which dimensions to display in the current view when user opens the report/input sheet.
  • Bookmark can be used in both input sheet and report.
  • Bookmark doesn’t remove the possibilities to filter data, it only sets the starting point of a report/input sheet.
    • you will have central management of all users' current view.
    • Save the bookmark within the report and also hide the dimensions which are not useful for this report.

You can find Bookmarks in the Reporting session.

  1. In Reporting session → Click on Bookmarks → Bookmarks again
  2. Bookmark Selector window opens.
    You can create bookmarks under “Common Bookmarks” or “Personal Bookmarks”.
    The difference is the stored locations/paths.
  3. Click on the paper icon → name your bookmark → set current view member → which dimensions to hide → OK to save.

Above buttons (from left to right order) :

  1. Create new bookmark
  2. Edit selected bookmark
  3. Copy (selected bookmark) to ““Personal Bookmarks”
  4. Remove selected bookmark

Create an input sheet / report, then attach the bookmark into it. So whoever opens it, will see the current view that you want for this specific input sheet / report.

  1. In “Report Wizard” → click on “Report Options” → “Bookmark”
  2. In “Bookmark” window → tick “Bookmark reference” → click on … button and located the bookmark you want → Finish → OK.

You can also just create an input sheet / report then click on “Bookmarks” to select the bookmark you want.

But this way the bookmark is not attached, so it's just for the current time when you select it.

Next time you open the input sheet / report, the current view will not be set as the bookmark since the bookmark is not attached to the input sheet / report.

In “Reporting” session → click on “Bookmarks” → “Close Bookmark”. Even the report has an attached bookmark, you can still use “Close Bookmark”.

You can embed a bookmark to input sheet / report. So the bookmark is only used for this input sheet / report.

Bookmark button on the Ribbon has multiple selections in the drop down.

  • Bookmarks – Open the Bookmark Selector.
  • Close Bookmark – Close the current Bookmark.
  • History of Bookmark and CV selections by the user during their current session. Click any item in the list to return to that setting.

Bookmark Selector

Allows users to select and maintain Bookmarks. Use the Common Bookmarks and Personal Bookmarks to view and maintain available Bookmarks.

  • Create new Bookmark button – Open the Bookmark Editor to create a new Bookmark.
  • Edit selected Bookmark button – Open the Bookmark Editor to modify the currently highlighted Bookmark.
  • Copy to Personal Bookmarks button – Copy the currently highlighted Bookmark from the Common Bookmarks to Personal Bookmarks.
  • Remove selected Bookmark – Delete the currently highlighted Bookmark.

Bookmark Editor

Allows users to create and maintain Bookmark definitions.

  • Bookmark name – Name to save Bookmark as.
  • <Current View Member All> button - set all Members in the listing to the current CV selections.
  • Hide All button – check Hide for all dimensions.
  • Dimension column – Model and dimension name for all CV dimensions.
  • Member column – Model and dimension member selections that CV will be initialized to when the Bookmark is opened. “<Current View Member>” will leave the dimension set to whatever the current CV setting is. Click the Member column for a Model or dimension to change the current setting. (Note: After a Bookmark is opened, the user is allowed to change the CV by selecting a different member.)
  • Filter column – A Member Selector Filter setting that will be applied to the Member Selector dialog box whenever the user clicks the CV dimension in the Ribbon while the Bookmark is active.
  • CV Mbr column – Click the “X” to reset the Member setting “<Current View Member>”.
  • Hide column – Check the box to hide the dimension on the Ribbon display while the Bookmark is active.
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