Current View

The model and dimension members displayed in the Ribbon are referred to as the Current View.
Current View displays the currently selected Model and the currently selected Member for each dimension.

(below using CV) :

  • If you do not want users to see a dimension in the CV and therefore not be able to click the dimension and open the Member Selector, that is what the Bookmark allows. With an embedded bookmark the dimension can be hidden so that it is not displayed in the CV.
    (Embedded bookmark gives you possibility to limit displayed dimensions.)
  • An Embedded Bookmark does not produce the lock icon in the CV on the Ribbon.
  • A lock in the CV shows that the dimension is set to a fixed member in the Report Options Slicer.
  • The lock icon indicates that the member displayed in the CV for a dimension is NOT the member used to produce the report.
  • The lock icon does not prevent a user from selecting the dimension to change the CV setting, however changing the CV for the dimension will not have any impact on the report.

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