Shared Library

Workbooks are stored on the server and available to users in the Shared Library. Click the “Open Shared Library” button to open the Shared Library dialog box. This is where you can open workbooks and share workbooks with other users. (Note: The options in this dialog box to save and share workbooks are only displayed when the default SQL Storage option is used by your Administrator.)

Common workbooks are controlled by the Administrator and can not be modified in the library by users. Only workbooks the Administrator has made available to a user are displayed. To open a workbook, click on the workbook name and click OK, or double click the workbook name. To navigate to folder, click on the folder name and click OK, or double click the folder name.

Personal workbooks are controlled by the user. Each user has a different folder that is under their control. Subfolders can be created with the personal folder to organize files, and personal files can be shared with other users.

  • Save to Library – click this check box to save a workbook to the library. When checked, the input box for the workbook name and Save button are displayed. Enter the name to save the workbook as, select the appropriate options, and click the Save button.
  • Delete from Library – click this check box to delete a workbook from the library. When checked the Delete button is displayed. Select the workbook to delete and click the Delete button. When a workbooks are deleted from a subfolder, the subfolder automatically disappears.
  • Shared with – to share a workbook with other users, enter the users to share the workbook with as part of saving the workbook. Use the Lookup button to select users. A workbook can also be shared with all users within a Security Role by entering or selecting a Security Role name. (Note: Other users may not be able to view the same data you view. All data displayed in reports is limited by security the Administrator has defined.)
  • Lock down Current View – normally reports within a workbook can display different data based on Current View selections. However if you want to restrict the reports within a workbook to only running for the currently selected Current View, check this option as part of saving a workbook.
  • Include email notification – click this option to automatically send an email notification to all users a workbook is shared with as part of saving a workbook. When this option is clicked, the email dialog box opens for the user to enter an email to be sent. When the workbook is saved, the email will be sent to all users the workbook is shared with. (Note: For an email to be sent to a user, the user’s email address must be included in their user profile by the Administrator. When selecting users with the Lookup button, an email icon is displayed next to all users which include an email address in their profile.)

Shared by others is used to access personal workbooks other user have shared with you. The folders indicate which user ids have shared workbooks, and within each folder is a list of workbooks shared. To open a workbook, click on the workbook name and click OK, or double click on the workbook name.

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