Suppress Options

Suppress Options is only available for Expand Options.

If the report/input sheet has many rows, this feature makes report/input sheet handy and neat.
Because it only shows rows with data.

There are 2 Suppress Options:

  • Suppress if all values are zero - (available to both input sheet & report) - this feature is to display report/input sheet with data rows. The empty rows will not be displayed.
  • User add suppressed items for data input - (available to only input sheet) - this feature is to let users to select items/rows to add into the current input sheet for input because no data rows are not be displayed.

Using below as an example to create an INPUT SHEET using Suppress Options:

  1. In Report Wizard → Account → Suppress options …
  2. Tick “Suppress if all values are zero” & “User add suppressed items for data input”
  3. Finish → OK
  4. At bottom of the input sheet, there is the message <double click to add suppressed items>
  5. In “Select Members” window, you can choose to search by Name or Description
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