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The documentation is split into four different sections:

User Guide Reference Documentation Planning Documentation Online Training

The User Guide will introduce you how to best utilize the product from different user perspectives: Using a dashboard or scorecard, Creating or Modifying a dashboard or scorecard and how to set up and configure this product from a BI or IT professionals perspective.

Documentation reference contains detailed functional and explanatory descriptions of the different parts of the product. It also contains useful thing like a Performance Canvas Terminology gives a overview of the specific terminology used in Performance Canvas and some good Examples of performance dashboards and scorecards created using the product. Release Information & Notes are contained herein.

Planning Documentation contains detailed functional and explanatory descriptions of the different parts of the Performance Canvas Planning product.

Online Training is the training curricula of the documentation. It can be used both for classroom training, web based training and self studies.

This documentation is about the most recent version of the Performance Canvas products.

Documentation on other DSPanel products
Documentation on Portal Edition / BI Web Parts

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This Performance Canvas documentation is online only and tightly integrated with best practices, FAQ and our education curriculum. Since the documentation is in a wiki format we welcome our advanced users to register and contribute. To learn more on how to use this wiki, how to contribute or more about the underlying technology here.

Note: This Performance Canvas documentation is partially translated. On the language selector in the upper right corner existing translations are shown in blue, missing translations are gray.

Note: There are a few words you might not be familiar with reading this documentation. Performance Canvas might be the first. A Performance Canvas is the common word in the product describing what is referred to in most literature as Performance Dashboards and Scorecards. Click for a full reference of the terminology.

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