Online Training - Performance Canvas

The below courses will get you through a 360 view of Performance canvas and the basic knowledge to be a certified professional. You can start at any point but best is if you do a step by step approach going from top to bottom.

Content of the courses will change over time so please revisit for any updates or new courses.

In order to get your own product to use for the below courses - visit and register for download.

Course Name Description
PC 210 Install and Configure Performance Canvas This course will take you to the installation and initial configuration of Performance Canvas.
PC 310 Build a simple Canvas Everything start with a canvas. Learn the basics on how to create and modify a Performance Canvas
PC 410 Advanced Slicers Understanding your slice of the pie is the foundation of Performance discoveries. This gives you a more in depth perspective of filtering
PC 510 Advanced Gems Inside your data resides interesting gems that build up true visual performance
PC 610 Mashboard Objects A mashboard allows you to pull in information from your intranet, extranet and most interestingly the internet. Learn how you create mashboard object that deepens the understanding of you business users
PC 710 Canvas functionality Self-service Business intelligence at your service, dwell into the rich functionality of collaboration and self service
PC 810 SharePoint Integration Integrating with plattforms like Share Point can leverage existing solutions as well as creating new. Here you will learn to do this in practice
PC 910 Administration Be in control over your data and users. Server administration in Performance canvas gives you a lot of options and possibilities to think of.
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