Administration Reference

Configuration & Administration of Budget Process
Scope of section This section will guide you through configuring the financial planning process of your company in the system.
Required skills Requires knowledge of your organization financial planning needs and training in this software. Normal training need is two days of classroom training.
Time Required Setting up a budget process may take as little as one day, however it may need more time than that depending on the complexity and needs of your organization.

Configuring the Budget Process

Will take you step-by-step through your tasks as budget administrator. Also included here is a section on all words and concepts in pcFinancials.

Each of the menu items available to you as Administrator is explained in sections

pcFinancials is supplied with a number of examples of Input Schedules. One of the basic steps in setting up the system is normally to adapt these to your own organization. How to do this is explained in detail in section

Modeler detail reference

Using the Modeler you will set up

  • Organizations & Books
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Security and Access
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