CAPEX Rule Setup

This is a new feature in pcFinancials r1.2.

The CAPEX business rule will assist in automating budgeting of Capital Expenditures by automatically calculating and updating Income Statement and Balance Sheet based on the rule setup.

  • This can in the next step be used to create automated Cash Flow calculations based on Income Statement and Balance Sheet please refer to Cash Flow rule setup.
  • An overview of Automation and Business Rule options can be found in Business Rule Automation Overview.
  • This Business rule can utilize Statistical Accounts (which may only exist in this system) and where data is entered through Microsoft Excel, pcMobile or systems integration. This which gives unprecedented flexibility to configure and automate business processes.

Configure Capex BusinessRule by modifying Depreciation list in the Modeler:

  1. Login Modeler
  2. Go to ListsDepreciationRecords tab
  3. Fill different labels' AssetAccount, PL_Depr_Account & BS_Depr_Account from Member Selector
  4. Save → CheckIn → Deploy
  • Selling / COGS / Admin - choose specific account
  • Copy - not used yet
  • SystemDefined - not editable later if ticked

  • Label - Furniture_And_Fixtures & Machinery & Equipment
  • AssetAccount
  • PL_Depr_Account
  • BS_Depr_Account

CAPEX BusinessRule is executed on demand from the menu in excel, when you send data inside InputCAPEX.

  1. Budget_TasksData ManagerRun Rules tab → capex_Calculation
  2. Please configure ScenarioMbrs & EntityMbrs → OK
  3. Window pops up to show you how many rows processed
  4. Click on Check Status.
    When it shows : No submissions pending. All submissions have been processed.
    It means Capex calculation is finished.
  5. To verify the data, go to Budget_Task → Data Manager → Extract tab → BusinessProcess → tick BR_CAPEX - Capex Calculation → OK

  1. Login excel & your application
  2. Go to Admin_TasksUpdate Workflow SchedulesNew Schedule from Template
  3. Select InputCAPEX.xlsmOpen
  4. Click on User:xxxx to enable Design menu → Edit ReportReport WizardAccountList Members…
  5. In Member List, delete the existing accounts → click on Lookup
  6. In Memver Selector - Account, select your depreciation accounts one by one → OK
  7. Click on Finish
  8. To the message below, click on Yes
  9. Select the right dimensions → Save Report → click on Yes to Do you want to Hide Design?
  10. Save it to WorkFlow folder → Close InputCAPEX
  11. Click on Refresh → fill Submission&Approval dates/Active/ExcelTab for InputCAPEX template → Save → Close
  12. Go to Admin_Tasks again → Generate WorkflowRun
  13. Go to Budget_ItemsEnter_Budget
  14. You will be able to see all your InputCAPEX

  1. Budget_ItemsEnter_Budget → select the InputCAPEX template → Open
  2. Click on the + icon in each Asset group to add items from Select MembersOK
  3. Fill in info. in ItemDescription / Department / Useful Life in year and the cost on which month of the year → click on Send and wait until it is finished sending → Refresh
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