The Cash Flow rule is used to automate creation if a Indirect or Direct long term cash flow statement based on the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet.

  1. Login modeler
  2. Click on ListsCashFlow_SetupCheckOut
  3. Add the corresponding accounts (here it doesn't have to be the leaf level accounts) for your CashFlow accounts. It will copy from your nominal accounts to the CashFlow accounts. The naming is not fixed and can be changed to your own preference.
  4. Save → CheckIn → Deploy
  • Sign
    • 1: keep the same sign
    • -1: to revert
  • Source_Amount
    • Amount: the same amount of the selected source account
    • Movement: only the movement of the period
    • Previous_Period: only the value of the previous period
    • Opening_Year: only the value of the opening year

To change CashFlow Accounts to your company preference:

  1. Login Modeler → Account dimension → CheckOut
  2. Go to Members tab to add your company preference cashflow accounts one by one (parent & leaf levels). Here is the build-in cashflow accounts/hierarchy as example:
  3. Go to Hierarchy tab to setup the cashflow accounts' hierarchy.
  4. Save & CheckIn
  5. Go to ListCashFlow_Setup → CheckOut
  6. Select CashFlow_Account → click on Update Field → set as below → OK
    • Data Type: Member
    • Dimension: Account
    • Hierarchy: Account
  7. Go to Records to name your preference Label and put your created CashFlow_Account
  8. Save → CheckIn → Deploy → Done.

CashFlow rule is executed on demand from the menu in excel.

  1. Budget_Tasks → Data Manager → Run Rules tab → CashFlow_Calculation
  2. Please configure ScenarioMbrs, TimeMbrs & EntityMbrs → click on OK (in below example:)
    • Scenario = Budget
    • Time = 2017
    • Entity = All
    • If you want to use Actual scenario for cashflow, please make sure the Actual scenario & period are open in Database Lock from Modeler. So any scenario/period need to be open for input for cashflow calculation.
  3. The popup window showing how many rows are processed. → OK
  4. Click on Check Status.
    When it shows : No submissions pending. All submissions have been processed.
    It means CashFlow calculation is finished.
  5. To verify the data, go to Budget_Task → Data Manager → Extract tab → BusinessProcess → tick BR_CF - CashFlow
  6. Here is the result from the extract

There are two build-in CashFlow reports:

  1. Budget Reports and Analysis → Report Template:
    • CashFlow
    • CashFlow_Indirect
  2. Use CashFlow as an example. Select it and click on Open.
  3. Click on the user:xxxx → Edit Report → This will open Report Wizard
  4. Click on Report Options → set the Slicer as below:
    • BusinessProcess - CashFlow (I want to see my CashFlow report, so I choose CashFlow as BusinessProcess; you can also do an extract to see your data is stored on what combinations of different dimensions, so you know what to choose for all the slicers.)
    • BusinessRule - None
    • TimeDataView - Periodic
  5. Select the Scenario/Time/Entity → Refresh
  6. Click on Save Report to save it in Reports folder. Go to Report and Analysis, you will be able to access this saved CashFlow report again.
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