Data Management

Click on Run to refresh the application.

Click on Run to refresh data. It is possible to refresh data by entity.

This feature is to view the history of refreshing data/application.

How to Load Budget Data from pcFinancials to ERP Using Data Management Tool (DMT)

  1. A standard feature to export one scenario directly to DMT export format
  2. From MenuPC, Data ManagementExport DMT
  3. Select
    1. Scenario - Which scenario do you want to export to Epicor ERP (in versions E9 and E10 only one of scenarios can be held as budget in the ERP system. This gives you the option to select which one.)
    2. Year - Select for which year the data should be exported to DMT
    3. Click the Run
  4. Save the file on desktop
  5. Open DMT
  6. Select the import
  7. Open the file in DMT
  8. Select process
  9. Resulting data in Epicor
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