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The information below refers to pcFinancials latest version.
pcFinancials r1.3
pcFinancials r1.2
pcFinancials r1.1

If you need to execute the currency conversion, you need to update the rates for Budget.
In Epicor, Only the Rates for Actual are stored, so for the Budget you have to choose a destination Currency and enter the rates. Two changes needed:

  1. To select what BaseCurrency you have for your system.
  2. Define BusinessRule (normaly None)

  1. Login modeler and your FP&A application
  2. Go to Currency dimension → CheckOut
  3. Tick the reporting currency you want
  4. Save and CheckIn (in below example, CAD/EUR/YEN/GBP are all ticked as reporting currencies.)

Here users can validate Actual FxRate and update it.
Or users can update Budget/Forecast FxRate.

To be able to execute the currency conversion, you need to fill the rates for the Budget first.

  • Admin_Tasks → Update FxRate
  • Select Budget from Scenario
  • Select your budget year. For example: 2016 from Time
  • Click on Users:xxxxx to get Design menu
  • Click on Edit Report & make sure Set Report Slicer to be as below example
    USD as base currency
  • OK → Save Report → go to Admin folder → tick Save to library → Save to replace the current Fxrates file.
  • Fill in your base currency as 1.000000.
  • Fill in other currencies rate.
  • Click on Send button, then Refresh button.

  • Admin_Tasks → Currency Conversion
  • Select the Scenario, Time & Entity to Convert.
  • Then press Run
  • Press To be able to see the list of the task Currency Conversion in progress of finished.

Or you can run it from Enter_Budget → Data Manager → Run Rules→ Canvas_FxTrans

  • Select the right scenario / time / entity
  • Click on OK

  1. Enter_Budget → Data Manager → Extract tab
  2. Select “Conversion-Currency Converted by Fx Rule → OK
  3. Users will be able to see all selected reporting currency conversion.
    Example, base currency is USD, select other 4 currencies as reporting currency and extract “Account 1900”, “2017Jan”, then users are able to see 4 different currency value.

Multiple Currencies per Entity/Book

The above example:

  • Account 1900 / 2017Jan / Budget, the orginal value is 416,6666667USD
  • After putting currency conversion values on CAD/YEN/GBP/EUR in FxRate sheet, the value got converted accordingly.
  • Account 1900 has 3 currencies with different values.
  • When try to see the total of Account 1900, it is not OK to add all three numbers together because they are in different currencies.
  • So first we need to convert the other two currencies into the base currency USD.
  • Then do the sum job.
  • The total of Account 1900 is 1628 USD.

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