Configuration Options

Below are the options you can use while configuration the pcFinancials setup.

When running in maintenance mode, it will wipe out Modeler & Excel configuration as described below.


  • Users for Security Roles - gone
  • Dynamic rules - gone


  • Admin_Tasks - setup gone
  • But templates for budget input schedule remain

Re-run the full pcFinancials installation.

To add new dimensions, you need to run in full maintenance to re-load all data. Tick the wanted dimensions in MappedObject then click on Continue to finish the installation in maintenance mode.

Customer MetaData
This where you set up basic configuration for your company including:

  • Database connections (you need to get this from your server admin)
  • How far back in history you want to load data

Translate AccountType
You can map account categories from the source database to the AccountTypes that are used in pcFinancials.

The available combinations of entities (companies) and books. Choose which Entities to load.

    1. You can rename the default ObjectNames and select which models, dimensions and properties you want to include.
    1. Change labels for specific members from specific dimensions.
    1. This is the list of procedures running in the night load. Maintain which procedures to run in which order.
    1. The result of all steps running during the complete night load.
    1. Translate fiscal periods to calendar months and business processes.
    2. Choose which periods to update in fact tables.
    1. Set default TimeMonth and BusinessProcess for fiscal periods <1 and >12.
    2. Settings in this form will be default values in the ClosedPeriod form.
    1. Define queries that count or compare different types of data to find errors.
    1. The result of each CheckSum job.
    1. The setup form for cleaning undesirable characters.
    1. This form shows the result after running sp_ScanText Stored procedure to find undesirable characters.

If any objects are changed since the initial setup, it is important to follow the steps below before running any Maintenance steps.

  1. If any views or procedures are manually changed in the pcETL database see how to avoid get them overwritten.
  2. If any procedures are manually changed in the pcDATA database see how to avoid get them overwritten.
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