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Step 2. Set up Database Locks for open budget and forecast periods

Database Locks is defining what is open for input. Without this defined, you are not able to enter budget/forecast data.

  1. Click on Database Locks → CheckOut
  2. BudgetTime → Tick off two boxes(Lock All for this… & Include all base…) → Click on … box
  3. Select as below in Member Selector window for Budget → Time
  4. Select as previous step(Budget→Time) but for Forecast, Forecast1 & Forecast2 with below results:
    • Budget → Time → Jan-Dec
    • Forecast → Time → Apr-Dec (only select from Apr to Dec)
    • Forecast1 → Time → Jul-Dec (only select from Jul to Dec)
    • Forecast1 → Time → Oct-Dec (only select from Oct to Dec)
  5. Save → CheckIn
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