Check List for pcFinancials Installation

We suggest that you print this checklist and sign the steps as they are completed

Customer (name of company) Site ID Installer (name) Date of installation

Step Description Signature
1 Check Pre-requisites

2 Download installation package from pcINSTALL

3 Install Canvas Planner Server

4 Install and deploy Sample database to verify Canvas Planner works properly

5 Insert Canvas Planner license key

6 Update Canvas Planner Server to the latest release

7 Install pcFinancials Integration package

8 Install Canvas Planner Excel client add-on

9 Set up security & users in modeler

10 Set up Database Locks for open budget and forecast periods

11 Configure Hierarchies for Account & all GL segments

12 Deploy

13 Create sample GL IncomeStatement & BalanceSheet reports and verify end-to-end against actuals report from ERP system

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