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Step 5.4 Select which Entities to load (r1.3)

FxRate by default is not selected, please select which entity's FxRate you want to use.

In the Entity form you will get a list of all available combinations for your Companies and Books.
All Main books are selected by default.
To save, click on another row.
Click on the Continue button at the bottom to go to next step.

Field Description
Source Every entity (company) will exist in multiple sources.
Example: for a specific entity, it's possible to select to load Financials, but un-select Account Receivable.
FxRate by default is not selected, select which entity's FxRate you want to use.
Code Code of the entity (company) in the source database
(In the Financials datasource, For Epicor ERP, it is a concatenation of Company code and BookID)
Label The label that the entity (Company) will get in pcFinancials
Name The description that the entity (company) will get inpcFinancials
Currency Currency for the entity
Priority Load order of entity(company)
SelectYN Check the rows you want to include;
Uncheck the rows you want to exclude.


  • Best practice is that master companies should be set to 1 (first to be loaded)
  • 0 is the default priority & last to be loaded
  • Smallest value will be loaded first, follow ascending order but 0 will be loaded last.


The description for all dimension members will be taken from the company with the highest priority.

  • First it will load account 1100, 2200 & 3300 from entity Stockholm (priority 1).
  • Then it will load account 4400, 5500 & 6600 from entity Gothenburg (priority 2)
    Account 1100 is already loaded from entity Stockholm.
  • Third it will load account 7700 & 8800 from entity Malmo (priority 3)
    Account 4400, 5500 & 6600 is already loaded from entity Gothenburg.
  • Last nothing will be loaded from entity Lund (priority 0, the lowest priority).
    All the accounts are already loaded.
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