In the Mapped Object form you can rename the ObjectNames and select which dimensions you want to include in the Models. That is most relevant for the GL segments.
To save the changes, click on another row.
Click on Continue to go to next step.

Field Description
Entity -1 means NOT entity dependent and relevant to all entities.
The financial segments are entity dependent.
Dimension Type Type of the dimension
Object Type Type of the object: Model, Dimension, Property
Object Name Default name or the name comes from the source system(GL segments). To see which dimensions are available from which models, click on here
Mapped Object Name The object name that will used.
But in this version, it is only possible to change segment names. To do that, use the Advanced button.
Mapping Type Change all members in a dimension by adding prefix or suffix.
If adding only one or some members with prefix/suffix, please go to MappedLabel.
Prefix means entity code is before the member label;
Suffix means entity code is behind the member label
Replace Text Sometimes in different ERP systems it is possible that ASCII codes between 1 and 31 exists in the tables. XML cant handle that. For that reason it is possible to use the replace text feature. Normally this is not needed.
SelectYN Check the rows you want to include;
Uncheck the rows you want to exclude.
Models If you want to exclude or include the dimensions in different models, check or un-check accordingly.
Examples: RxRate, Financials, FinancialsDetail, AccountReceivable, AccountPayable
1. All dimensions are not possible for all models, but here you can see which dimensions are possible for which models.
2. Some dimensions are mandatory for some models. So even uncheck it, it will be included.
3. Example: the TimeMonth & TimeYear dimensions are by default not included in any models. If you want to report over years like the picture below, it's convenient to check them in your desired models.

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