IMPORTANT: If you are unfamiliar with pcFinancials we strongly suggest reading the introduction What is pcFinancials? before proceeding to familiarize yourself with the concepts and words used in the application and documentation.

Installation of Software and Integration
Scope of Section This section will guide you through installing the product technically and enabling the integration to your ERP system.
Required Skills Requires system administration skills on the level of your organizations server infrastructure setup. It will require Admin Privileges in the system.
Time Required The software is designed to be set-up within less than one day (8 man-hours).
This page refers to pcFinancials r1.3.
Old versions:
pcFinancials r1.2
pcFinancials r1.1
pcFinancials r1.0

  • Grey - not possible to change
  • Black - possible to change
  • Yellow - common fields to change, check and verify
  • To save what you have changed, just click on another line
  • When finished, click on the Continue button at the bottom
  • You can sort data from every column by clicking on the label
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