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This page refers to Report Guide latest versions.
Report Guide r1.2 & r1.3
Report Guide r1.1
Report Guide r1.0

1. Many standard templates are available from Budget Reports and AnalysisReport Template. Choose one and Open.

2. You will get this popup window if it's the first time to open it.

3. Select an account → OK

4. Click on User: administrator (Only available for Administrator)

5. Design is available from the menu (Only available for Administrator)

6. You can add or remove dimensions from Parameters in Design menu

7. Click on Edit Report from Design menu → Body tab → Wizard

8. In Report WizardOptionsSlicer

9. Current View: Scenario/Time/Entity are already available from Dimension menu, so set them as Current View Member.

10. Choose the right Senario/Time/Entity from Dimension menu & go ahead hit Refresh

11. Click on Hide Design to save this report to Shared Library/Report folder

Current View is set by computer, not by report or account. As long as you switch to use other account or computer to load the same report with the same settings, please re-select the right settings to load data.

Set those dimensions as “Current View Member” if they are members from Parameter, example: Scenario/Time/Entity

LineItem - None
Version - (None)Version-Current
TimeDataView - Periodic

1. Click on Budget Report and AnalysisReport Template → select report.xlsm → Open

2. Click on New Report from Design menu

3. Design your ideal report in Report Wizard → OK

4. Add Report Parameter from Parameters in Design menu

5. Choose the wanted selection from Dimensions

6. Edit Report → Report Wizard → Options → Slicer

7. Set Current View accordingly

8. Hide Design from Design menu to save this report template to Shared Library/Report folder.

  • Reports saved in Report folder, go to “Budget Reports and Analysis” → Report and Analysis
  • Reports saved in Personal Files, go to “Budget Reports and Analysis” → Personal and Shared Reports

Right click on any cell in the report → select Investigation.

Detail Instruction on Financial Analysis

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