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How to do Budget

The information below refers to the latest version.
pcFinancials r1.3 & r1.2
pcFinancials r1.1
pcFinancials r1.0

Log in pcFinancials

  1. Open Excel.
  2. Select Canvas Planner in the ribbon.
  3. Click the Logon button at the left of the ribbon.
  4. Provide your network credentials → OK.
  5. Select your application from the Open Application window → OK.
  6. Select Financials from Models Selector window → OK.

Submit a Budget or Forecast for Approval

  1. Log in pcFinancials
  2. Select Budget TasksEnter Budget (A list of budget items linked to this account displays)
  3. Select a report → Open
  4. Adjust the figures inside the report
  5. Click Send and wait for the triangle sign to disappear (Data is sending to the server.)
  6. Click Refresh button
  7. To the “Refresh Input Schedule Also?” message, click on Yes
    1. Click Submission
    2. Click the Submit to arrow
    3. To the “Do you want to send an email?” message, answer No
    4. Verify that the version has been submitted (The yellow cells should turn white and be locked for input.)
  8. Click Close button (The input schedule status changes to Submitted)

Approve or Reject a Submitted Budget/Forecast Proposal

  1. Log in pcFinancials
  2. Select Budget TasksEnter Budget
  3. Select the report you need to approve or reject → Open
  4. Apply your judgement to the figures then click Submission
    1. Click on the green Approved arrow to approve
    2. Or click on the red Rejected arrow to reject
  5. To the “Do you want to send an email?” message, click No
  6. Click Close (The budget input schedule is under Status – Approved/Rejected)
    1. The rejected input schedule is available for input
    2. The approved input schedule is no longer available for input
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