Budget Entry Menu

The information below refers to the latest version.
pcFinancials r1.3
pcFinancials r1.2
pcFinancials r1.1
pcFinancials r1.0

  • When you select Enter Budget, all items that you are as Responsible, Approver or Administrator appear.
  • You can select all status or only one status.
  • Select the workflow item, click on Open
  • The following Item is open.

Budget Entry Screen

You can see who is the responsible and the approver for the budget item, its status, from which application and model.

  • New Version - From Scratch
    • Type a Description for the New version → OK
    • A new version is created without any data.
  • New Version - Copy Current Version
    • Type a Description → OK
    • A new version is created & copied with current version.
  • Go To Version
    • Select the version from the Member Selector.

  • Spreading - spread a row in your template.
    1. Select the row
    2. Click on SpreadingSpread
    3. Type the amount (Except for the “Same_Amount” spreading type because the amount will be the same as Last year Actual)
    4. Select the method
    5. Select Spread Row or Spread Grid.
    6. Click “Close”
  • Undo Spread - go back to the previous situation.
  • Copy To The Right - copy the same amount to all the right columns
    1. Type the amount
    2. Click “Copy To The Right”
    3. The amount is copied.
  • Copy last Actual - Be careful When you are using this option, it is a suppress and replace option, all will be deleted and replaced with last year actual amounts.
  • Lock
    1. Select the cell you want to lock
    2. Click on “Lock”
    3. The selected cells become red
    4. Select another spreading
    5. The locked cells keep the old amount
  • Unlock - Unlock the locked cells

  1. Select a cell (means you are doing “Line Item Detail” for this row.)
  2. Click on Line Item Detail
  3. Click on Yes to the message Refresh Input Schedules also?
  4. Line Item Detail window opens as below
  5. Filled the detail.
  • In this case, you have to fill in Spread column an amount for each detail line. The calculation will apply exactly the same Spreading as the source account.
  • In this case, you have to fill in Spread, the percentage you want to apply for each line. The calculation will use the source amount for each month and apply the percentage.
  • In this case, you will overwrite the source amount by the detail one.
  • In this case, you will save the detail figures in each rows that you fill in.

  1. Select the cell you want to comment, click on Comments.
  2. The Comment window appears, type your comment and click OK.
  3. The cell’s color changes, it means that the cell is commented now.
  4. If you select a commented cell and click on Comments, you can see the corresponding comment.

  • Send - send data
  • Refresh - refresh input schedule
    • For submitter - To submit input schedule for approval.
    • For approver - To approve or reject input schedule.
  • Close - close input schedule
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