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Legal Consolidation

The leading software in modern legal consolidation. Written by experts that have a background with the market leading solutions pcLegal offers:

  • Non technical product - Requires only Financial Consolidation skills
    • Microsoft Excel used for all consolidation set-up
      • Parameter driven (no scripting)
      • Defined in tables (not calc scripts)
  • All tasks are visible in tool bar
    • Easy overiew - all processes visible
  • Improved Advanced Consolidations Logic
    • Ability to support complex ownership structure
    • Variable Entity Hierarchy by Time
    • Simulation
  • Modular Consolidation Flow Process SetupBold Text
    • Business setup of consolidation process modules
    • Multiple consolidation process flows can be defined using the defined modules
  • New Architecture
    • Microsoft SQL Server based
    • Advanced high performace server application with financial Excel User interface.
      • Faster Performance
      • Full Consolidations process (1 – 5 minutes)
        • Impacted Consolidation < 1 minute
          • Only need to consolidate entities that have been impacted

Performance Canvas Consolidation vs. Competition

  • Improved Efficiency & Reduced Risk in Financial Close & Reporting
    • Performance Canvas – Unique Business Value Package
      • Financial Consolidations + Reporting + Budget/ Plan + Account Reconciliation
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    • Unified
      • Only fully unified Consolidations/EPM solution
      • 1 UI, 1 Installation, 1 Training Program, 1 Upgrade Path
    • Easiest to Setup
      • Designed ground-up to be owned and driven by Business
  • Easier to Model Changes to the Business
    • Simulation on Demand
      • Easiest-to-use & most efficient simulation
  • Faster Financial Close Process
    • Fastest Consolidations Engine on the market
      • Only stores necessary information
      • Fast processing engine

For more information - contact DSPanel

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