Basic Installation

  • Run the pcMobile-*.*.*.exe from pcDOWNLOADs folder.
  • Welcome to the pcMobile Setup Wizard
    Welcome to the Performance Canvas Setup Wizard
  • Accepting the license agreement
    Accepting the license agreement
  • Choose Custom, Typical or Complete installation
    Choose Typical, Custom or Complete installation
  • Options in Custom installation
    • pcMobile: Performance Canvas Mobile - for other operating systems installation
    • 64-bit: executables and libraries - for 64-bit operating system installation
    • Demo - if you want some demo data for testing purpose later, please install; if you prefer a clean installation, please ignore
    • We recommend to have all.
  • Ready to install
    Ready to install
  • Wait while installing pcMobile
    Wait while installing Performance Canvas
  • The first phase of the installation process is finished
    Phase 1 of the installation process is finished
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