Mobile Setup

This section will teach you how to set up your IT environment to make your business users benefit from the mobile use feature of the product.

By setting “Published as mobile” to True when saving a Canvas it is enabled for mobile use.

Enable canvas for mobile use

By adding /m to the pcMobile homepage, you will get a list with hyper links to all canvases made available for mobile use.

The mobile canvas will display the different gems when you access the canvas. Clicking on the gem icons are bring up the gem showing the specific setting settings implemented by the designer.

Sparklines is very nice way to make use of the limited screen area of a mobile phone. Sparklines are best described as “word sized graphs” and are apart from an icon represenation of the gem also includes some important data indicators.

Sparklines are enabled by the gem designer and will be visible if the designer have this feature enabled. NB: Sparklines are most relevant to use for timeseries data.

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