Search Setup

PBN has advanced functionality providing business users with the possibility of using familiar tools such as Microsoft Enterprise Search™ or Google OneBox™ to find relevant performance dashboards using normal, internet-style text search. There is even a text search engine included in the product. One or more of these options can be enabled simultaneously.

The built-in text search engine is enabled by default. This will automatically index and make available all search enabled canvases using the search box on any canvas page. If you would like to disable the built-in text search engine this can be done using the Administration console. If disabled the search box will be invisible.

By letting any search engine HTML crawler such as Microsoft Enterprise Search™ or Google OneBox™ start at the address http://baseurl.ext:port/searchroot it will build a searchable index of the search enabled canvases in the system. The advantage with this is that your business users will find their performance dashboards and scorecards a natural part of any search result together with other documents.

Note: baseurl.ext:port should be replaced with the URL address and port number of your pcMobile server. If you are uncertain about these contact your system administrator.

Using the Administration console you are able to configure a number of options for search. These are mainly aimed at avoiding too large document spaces to index and it is rare that they need to be changed from their default settings.

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