Being able to install pcMobile is getting to square one of understanding the product. Its an easy trip once you know it but there are several things to take into consideration.

Once installed, you will also need to start thinking of how to tailor pcMobile to suit your needs. This course will take you through the installation and initial configuration of pcMobile.

#StepWhat to doHow to do
0PrerequisitesCheck that you fulfill all prerequisitesSystem requirements
1InstallInstall the software on your serverInstallation
2Adjust configurationChange port# to run on
3Start ServiceStart pcMobile service and verify it’s working
4Setup your OLAP pumpSet up an OLAP pump hitting your cube(s)Create an OLAP Pump
5Connect to your dataConnect your pcMobile instance to your cube(s) by using the OLAP pump(s)Connect to the OLAP Pump
6VerifyCreate a simple Gem verifying that you have access to your cube.Create a Gem

To view the installation video go to:

Note: You will have to register to view this video.

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