Be in control over your data and users. Server administration in pcMobile gives you a lot of options and possibilities to think of.

#StepWhat to doHow to do
1Export CanvasesExport Canvases from one Canvas instance and Import into another
2Log levelChange log levelLog levels
3Register the productRegister the product using a product key

#StepWhat to doHow to do
1AnonymousUsing Mapped Olap AccountsSecurity overview
2Basic authenticationChange security to Basic and add/edit Basic UsersBasic authentication
3NTLMChange security to NTLMNTLM

#StepWhat to doHow to do
1Functional AccessChange functional Access for Roles
2Access to CanvasesChange access to Canvases for Roles
3Mapped OLAP accountSpecify mapped OLAP account for a Role
4New RolesCreate new Roles

#StepWhat to doHow to do
1Approval StatusChange Approval Status for Canvas ObjectsApproval

Explain Approval Status impact of SharePoint/Mobile Access

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