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pcMobile Release Information

This page contains release specific information and notes for pcMobile 2009 releases.

2.5.316 (pcMobile 2017.01.31)

  • New Functionality
    • Avoid using of .children logic in WHERE clause after drilldown operations;
    • Implemented showing of children of multiple levels;
    • Implemented staying on the same Canvas when navigation to another is not possible due to permissions settings;
    • Performance and logging improvements (improved Memory Pages tables, rendering of charts, MDX executions, etc);
    • Implement “Fixed width” and “Fixed height” settings for table gems;
    • Added support for Callisto V4 to Planning;
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Fixed problem when Screen Print PDF action not reflecting slicer filtering;
    • Fixed problem with token authentication;
    • Fixed OLAP accounts saving after they were added to cubes;
    • Fixed redirect to start page after clicking on tag in the filter drop-down;
    • Fixed Canvas “Reload”, removed duplicated listeners, improved reload time;

2.5.315 (pcMobile 2016.04.22)

  • New Functionality
    • Added smart logic when selecting multiple periods with PeriodsToDate function;
    • Added possibility to disallow drilldown on charts, added default sorting for gem properties;
    • Added new setting for locking colors changing for CBM feature;
    • Implemented passing theme settings to Planner gems in maximize mode;
    • Implemented releasing of resources when Canvas is closing;
    • Added marks for selected themes, colors, guides, implemented update client tree on adding new Analyses, Viewpoints, Annotations, Watchlists;
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Fixed incorrect filtering for lowest level members with .CHILDREN syntax;
    • Improved the process of automatic cache flushing, avoid problems with cubes access;
    • Fixed problem with slicers during export Canvas to PDF;
    • Implemented valid drillup for Treemap chart;
    • Fixed filter operation for members on the lowest level when using .CHILDREN syntax;
    • Fixed the problem with empty planner gems in zoom view on Surface machine;
    • Fixed problem with incorrect selection in zoom view for Planning gems;
    • Fixed problem when editing of image throws out from design mode;
    • Improved UI for editing HTMLDisplay control;

2.5.314 (pcMobile 2015.12.02)

  • New Functionality
    • Added possibility to select/deselect all elements during import/export, dialog redesign
    • Added “status_empty” image for KPI tables to the installation
    • Added import progress notification, possibility to change uploaded file
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Fixed problem when slicer selections is not reset when placed on templates
    • Fixed problem when Canvases with more than one Classification becomes invisible in designer
    • Fixed problem when copy of the Canvas is not shown in the tree
    • Removed unnecessary conversion to UTF-8 that produces encoding problems in store

2.5.311(pcMobile 2015.10.22)

  • New Functionality
    • Added support for custom Striping rows/columns patterns, now user can use “3:th” or “5:th” to stripe each 3th or 5th row/column in the table;
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Don't touch pcMobile service when doing upgrade;
    • Fixed blinking on a canvas on loading when using Templates;
    • Fixed direct changing slicer value in URL;
    • Passing filter values through navigation buttons doesn't work for elements from Templates;
    • Implemented custom column/row stripes for n:th row/columns;
    • Made settings “Show Shapes” and “Line width” visible for charts with dual axis;
    • Cannot drill up when reaching lowest level of the hierarchy on a gem;
    • Fixed problem with Descendants MDX function when using slicers;
    • Calculate PC base URL per each Session;
    • Fixed rendering canvas with only one slicer;
    • Enabled Modify button for gems from Templates in view mode;
    • Fixed impossibility to put two same gems to canvas;
    • Delete opened Canvas tab when user deletes canvas in tree;

2.5.310(EPM 2015.10.15)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Error message is displayed when changing slicers
    • Cannot drill up when reaching lowest level of the hierarchy on a gem

2.5.307(pcMobile 2015.09.22)

  • New Functionality
    • Added save as copy dialog for not editable canvas
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Fixed thrown out from designer issue after delete operations
    • Fixed synchronization between .children gems and selections in slicers
    • Fixed export to excel pivot for some gems
    • Fixed layout for “old version” of navigation buttons
    • Fixed issue when table property “CSS base class” is overruled in client;

2.5.304(pcMobile 2015.09.03)

  • New Functionality
    • Added Select All button to slicer popup
    • Added possibility to style Multi Navigation Buttons
      • Default CSS classes for vertical and horizontal Multi Navigation Buttons: .navblock-vertical and .navblock-horizontal.
      • You can add new customized versions for these styles to <pcMobile folder>\store\settings\includes\css\include\tablestyles.css
      • Example, more space between buttons in vertical mode: .navblock-vertical {padding-top: 10px !important;}
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Initial version of Canvas Templates with support of Multi Navigation Buttons
    • Fixed problem when Save table action displays save table as copy dialog
    • Fixed problem when “Maximize” button for gems makes design go wrong
    • After export it is not possible to see canvases if they are restricted to not existed role
    • Improved loading list of canvases in tree
    • Fixed problem when it is not possible to uncheck canvases while doing Import
    • Fixed issue with disabled Multinavigation buttons
    • Show top/bottom items by feature stack statements over and over
    • Tables are not cleaned correctly in paged tables

2.5.303 (pcMobile & EPM)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Implemented keeping of logic in MDX in transformations


  • Noteworthy fixes
  • Disable analysis for mobile users in the security setup as default


  • Noteworthy fixes
  • Show notification about copy creation for not editable gems, slicers and etc.
  • PC service is not removed automatically after uninstallation
  • Incorrect count of entities (canvases, gems, slicers) by classification.
  • Added tag is applying to canvas only after refresh


  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Incorrect count of entities (canvases, gems, slicers) by classification
    • Added tag is applying to canvas only after refresh
    • It's not possible to set any items in the Singe Slicer
    • Epicor iPad guide is missing in installation


  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Times series charts are not rendered correctly
    • Cubes do not appear checked in Admin Console
    • Mobile - Cannot scroll in the list when selecting a cube
    • Canvas - Analyse feature doesn't work at all with iPad


  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Direct link to gem displays empty page
    • Refreshing a viewpoint removes viewpoint filters
    • Gems reflect different information when same slicer selection is done within viewpoints
    • Save a new canvas in blank when using 'Save and change name' option
    • In analyses, clicking on reset button in UI break the analysis, rendering unusable to the end-user

2.5.297 (2015.06.24)

  • New functionality
    • Add possibility to hide “Maximize” button for gems. Use “Hide maximize button” in gem settings;
    • Added property “Is Percentage” to Gauge chart(Advanced settings);
      There are several rules to create Gauge chart with percentages.
      1. “Simple setup” property should be set to false
      2. Should be add more than two columns of data
      3. Column with a minimum value should be the name of the DSP_Gauge_MIN
      4. Column with a maximum value should be the name of the DSP_Gauge_MAX
    • Added “Show Legend” property for Gauge chart;
    • Added possibility to change color schemes for Waterfall chart;
    • Gauge chart: allow decimals for some properties.
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Improved loading of Canvas elements. Fixed possible problems with missing selections;
    • Fixed error popup on Canvases with Measure slicers;
    • Fixed “null” in MDX editor when creating a new gem in IE;
    • Fixed different naming in select list and showed after selected for chart type Gauge;
      The new Gauge gems will be saved with “Gauge chart” type. For existing Gems the type remains the “Meter chart”.
    • Fixed issue with cutted text in charts.

2.5.296 (2015.05.)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Search functionality in the slicers - Implemented support of new property(dsp.olap.caption.searchBase) which will able to make correct search for prefetched cubes with name based on some property
    • Fixed incorrect rendering for Frames, fixed miller initialization

2.5.295 (2015.04.28)

  • New functionality
    • Added possibility to customize font family and size for axis charts:
      There are 4 new settings (X Axis label size, X Axis label font, Y Axis label size, Y Axis label font) for Axis based charts (like Bar chart, Stacked Bar chart etc).
      You will find these settings on Advanced settings tab of the gem in Designer.
      Default values for these settings: font is “SansSerif” and font size is “10”.
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Changed MDX transormation logic for filtering (if exact match do nothing. If not exact match update)
    • Fixed tables cut off in IE
    • Fixed issue with wrong table corner styles
    • Fixed expand functionality for inline tables with sorting

2.5.294 (2015.03.26)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Added icons for menu items (cosmetic) / format function.
    • Added ability to create jsSheet gems (it was made for test version 2.5.292, in 2.5.294 this functionality is disabled);
    • Maded workaround if planning gem referenced to not existed scenario members (validation for planning gems);
    • Fixed exception while loading actions from cube
    • Added separated setting in role panel for managing viewpoints (“Manage Viewpoints” issue)

2.5.293 (2015.03.04)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Made workaround if planning gem referenced to not existed scenario members.

2.5.291 (2015.02.06)

  • New functionality
    • Initial version of D3 Funnel chart and visualization wizard

2.5.290 (2015.02.03)

  • New Functionality
    • Implemented breakdown functionality inside tables
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Fixed some strange selection from filter on canvas
    • Disable pre-filtering of gems by default
    • Planner Gems: fixed popup error

2.5.289 (2015.01.14)

  • New functionality
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Cosmetic bug - Show columnheaders(TRUE) makes design(round/square corner) go wrong
    • Planner Gems can't maximize the view
    • Sorting in tables with hierarchy
    • Merge of slicers for import/export canvases
    • Replaced 3 attempts to get KRB token with only one, if it fails then service token is used
    • Improved loading of gems on a canvas when filtering
    • Improvements for percentages in charts
    • Remove “create viewpoints” ability from Viewer role
    • Changed header values for embedded browser detection

2.5 build 288 (2.5.283 2014.12.08)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Handle NPE on loading default slicers on Planning report

2.5 build 287 (2.5.287 2014.12.05)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Children function is used in gems when it’s not supposed to.
    • Drill by level name“ options affects other gems on a canvas.
    • Alpha ordering for “Filtered Only=True” in slicers.
    • Slicer's default selection in viewpoints

2.5 build 286 (2.5.286)

  • New functionality
    • Inline drilldown for multiple dimensions (inline Expand/Close for tables with max 3 levels and enabled “Drill by levelname”)
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Grid stopped working on html-objects
    • Cubes appear twice

2.5 build 285 (2.5.285)

  • New functionality
    • 143139 Add style to highlight the active level slicer item
      Turn on property “Drill by level name” on Advanced Settings tab of Table/Chart to use levelname.children instead of list of all level ID's on DrillUp/ DrillDown/Expand actions.
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • License problem with expiry date trial keys
    • 143132 Measures slicers do not work in touch mode
    • 139823 Switching from any guide to IPad Grid guide isn't rendered correctly
    • 143135 Large chart names re-size gems incorrectly.
    • 143137 Table pager theme does not work in firefox
    • 143138 Cannot theme tool button images in firefox
    • pcMobile - Deleting canvases problem(deleting canvas A from folder A, but turned out canvas B from folder B got deleted)

2.5 build 284 (EPM284)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • 32 bit of pcMobile/EPM Performance Canvas
    • Disable memory paging when user is in-table search option
    • Add ability to get analysis ID in pcMobile user interface
    • Change icons for analysis, comments and viewpoints;

2.5 build 283 (2.5.283)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Reset button on analysis feature does not blank out the analysis but shows as when it was saved

2.5 build 282 (2.5.282)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Some slicers doesn't work on demo canvas
    • Error pops up on demo canvas, also menu items with actions are missing, it shows “Loading…”

2.5 build 281 (2.5.281)

New functionality

  • Add visible grid for gems in designer
  • Open analysis by URL
    Example of URL for Analysis:
  • Add session timeout for basic authentication
    To configure tomcat session timeout, use property “” in, default is 30.
  • Add ability to hide the name of gem on canvas
    To hide the name of a gem in header, use property “Hide name” in Basic settings tab.
    Also you can set this property for tables and charts via theme file:
  • Add “Color by value” feature in tables
  • Control which axis is modified by level slicers
    To set which axis is modified by level slicers for charts, use property “Level filter axis” on Basic settings tab.
    COLUMNS - columns axis (default)
    ROWS - rows axis
    NONE - not respond to level slicer changes

2.5 build 280 (2.5.280)

  • New functionality
    • Add ability to control empty spaces in indent to level tables
    • Add ability to go back after drill down action on charts
    • Increase the width of canvas selector
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • java.lang.ArithmeticException:/by zero
    • Warning message “ErrorService0” shows when going from designer to client
    • Theme series color always overrules setting in gems
      If you want specific series color for gem, set property “Lock series color” to true and choose desired series color for this gem (pcMobile will use only this series color and ignore settings from theme).
    • Query based slicer saved/opened for Edit, it had Slicer Type changed to Member
    • Cannot save viewpoint for canvases that consist Planner Gems
    • Heading of Gems truncated with …, even when enough space is available
    • Problem with filters when in Analyze mode
    • Can not SCROLL on a page
    • The “Word Wrap” does not work in tables.
    • Bold property doesn't work
    • Table page-function doesn't work
    • Right click is not available when canvas opened with canvas ID in URL
    • No formatting of number in tooltip in pie chart
    • Inline expand/close feature not working when spanning table pages
    • Gems reflect different information when the same slicer selection is done within viewpoints
    • Back button for slicer selections, drilldown/up and expand actions

2.5 build 279 (2.5.279)

  • New functionality
    • Implement security setting “Allow” in Approval tab
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Send to front and other operations with z-index doesn't work
    • Save to list does not save all properties customized on the canvas.
    • Design mode mis-behaves when no data-source is selected
    • Theme background color does not cover the entire visible background
    • “Back” in browser fails (it brings you into the designer) for miller filter

2.5 build 275 (2.5.275)

  • New functionality
    • Add ability to control the scale of Y axis ticks
      To show only integer values on Y axis of chart use property “Y-Axis Integer Ticks” on Advanced Tab
    • Expose security role as a property so it's available on a Canvas for CSS customization
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Canvas Is Percentage seems to be broken
    • Exceptions in chart with missed data
    • Filtering in slicers doesn't work

2.5 build 273 (EPM275)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • When value is 0, show as value 0 instead of the error in the page
    • Upload reusable content only available for the user that uploads
    • No more “Null error” after clicking on “Designer”
    • Configure security modifications for Skopus V5
    • Maximize view for planner gems
    • Stacked bar chart fails when no data returned
    • Slicer glitch makes selections to be cleared
    • Name change of Performance Canvas
      • DSP names:
        • Short: pcMobile
        • Long: pcMobile
        • Windows Service name: pcMobile
      • Epicor names:
        • Short: EPM pcMobile
        • Long: EPM Performance Canvas
        • Windows Service name: EPM Performance Canvas
    • Miller filters not initialized
    • Miller filters don't have theme support
    • Introduce property for specification of base URL
      If you need to customize base URl please add property “dsp.baseurl” to file (e.g. dsp.baseurl=
    • Sometimes user has to login manually in IE, which is supposed to automatically log in.
    • Handle offline license activation
    • Canvas slicer is off the screen
    • Implemented ”Linking to other objects“ on filters
    • Display member proproties on tooltip on ad-hoc analysis
    • Custom selection in slicer can't be saved
    • ToolTip rendering splits value in two rows
    • Edit NavBlock does not initialize correctly (selected canvas is shown as blank when opened for editing)
    • Breakdown rendering all members if not using NON EMPTY in MDX query in base gem often giving useless result
    • Set “Is Percentage” to “TRUE” in canvas, get strange value. E.g. 0.04 shows 96%
    • Add ability to control the scale of Y axis ticks
    • Gem property editor cannot save blank string values - Actually it is a “feature”, it prevents user to save invalid values and empty values (because some properties may be required)
    • Frames are displayed incomplete in Home view - now Frame element has header in Designer, so you can call context menu and move element using header
    • In analyses mode, clicking on reset button in UI break the analysis, rendering unusable to the end-user
    • From the provided MDX, the Drag and Drop editor shows rows/columns values incorrectly
    • Drag and Drop breaks, which removes hierarchy value from MDX
    • Third row with values added for two-measures MDX
    • Legend doesn't show correct labels
    • Using 'Save and change name' option to save a new canvas, which saves it in blank
    • Update existing viewpoint doesn't work

2.5 build 269 (EPM267.2)

  • New functionality
    • updated css for Epicor data store
    • updated 64bit JRE runtime with sunmscapi.dll library, so you don't need to install 32bit JRE to get SSL support anymore
    • extended support of new License Server.
    • To change format of value labels use property “Decimal places” on tab Advances Settings of chart.

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Sometimes HTML content editor is empty
    • Pie chart legend doesn't work
    • Map re-sized incorrectly after edit/save operations

2.5 build 267 (2.5.267)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Incorrect layout of images in Firefox
    • Fixed Theme support in client mode and during reload of canvas
    • Fixed incorrect re-size of gems in design and client modes
    • Removed number of script error warnings
    • Fixed slicer border in Internet Explorer
    • Maps now are fully visible in Firefox
    • Fixed printing and export of tables in 'One gem per page' mode
    • New Watchlist set as filter causes a “none” selection for slicer
    • The boolean property allows only 0 and 1 values, but it should accept true/false as well
    • Fixed initial table layout
    • Removed slowdown with memory paging for Tables during pagination
    • Improved memory paging support during drill up/down actions
    • Added Edit and Delete gem options from gear menu for Maps
    • Added warning if user tries to add cube with same name
    • Removed slowdown in drillup/down actions for Maps
    • Fixed - Analyze gem feature only works one time
    • Fixed incorrect columns scaling for table based gems
    • Added reuse of opened TCP connections for connections to OLAP server
    • Removed message “Name is mandatory field” which was displayed after save a canvas with a name
    • Fixed invalid MDX code generation in Drag and Drop editor
    • Resolved problem with Special characters on gem name cause the email subject/body be malformed
    • Now Recursive Hierarchies can work as slicers
    • User can't add more than one role with same name
    • Removed duplication of reusable content

2.5 build 265 (2.5.265)

  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Using navigation links sometimes loses passed parameters (hierch=member)
    • Switch axis in Drag&Drop editor sometimes fails
    • Pie-chart: can't show % in legend
    • Pie-chart: need able to disable drilldown/up
    • Navigation buttons always appends parameters to canvases as result a lot of duplicated created
    • Gems automatically re-sized when saving canvases
    • Percent now shows correctly on bar chart
    • Can't do drill-through on bar chart
    • Cannot access table row context menu past the first memory page
    • Memory Paging breaks inline drilldown on tables
    • Inline drilldown disables table paging unexpectedly
    • Drag and Drop Incorrect Measure Order & Missing Measures
    • Some chart types do not show extended character sets such as Korean in labels properly
    • Paged tables become entirely blank after paging too far forward
    • Slicer edit not working properly
    • Expanded filter remains in current dashboard after closing it
    • Selection Info doesn't show all selections
    • NPE if has no useolapaccounts property
    • PC with incorrect will fail without any error message
    • New created roles can be edited only after page refresh
    • Fixed Imported Canvas problem while importing from 263
    • All slicers go to unclassified during deployment
    • User is not able to use “switch axis” function when left click on the gem.
    • Now security cache updated immediately after changing access roles settings in Admin console
    • Paged tables become entirely blank after paging too far forward

2.5 build 264 (2.5.264)

  • New functionality
    • Maps drives Geography slicers by left-click menu.
    • When a linked filter is used with KPI’s then that is used to show the headline in the map, it’s show what KPI is currently in display on the map.
    • performance improvements for Maps
    • Tooltip support for Maps similar to Charts
    • Maps overlay type property changed to selection list instead of text field
    • Introduced new property for partial prefetching of the cube data
    • Added ability to use more than one value in dsp.geo.mapproperty, SVG in the maps server
    • Cell Format Color on grids

    • Dynamic colors for table cells, this means it is using colors defined in the cube for cell formatting
    • During canvas creation or update, some gems are hidden and not visible on the gem list. Now it’s possible to see all the gems.
    • A little info box in /app/client that shows the licensed customer and the current user name above the navigation. The information comes from the license file.
    • UTC support is added: dsp.olap.utcformat can be set in if you want to use a different format than the standard “yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS” one. Affects anything that uses a Timeseries dataset, which means Time series chart, OLHC and candlestick. (key excel formula for doing this is DATEVALUE - and then some string parsing - in this case =DATEVALUE(IF(D14=“0”;RIGHT(C14;4)&”-“&RIGHT(“00”&D15;2)&”-01“;RIGHT(C14;4)&”-“&RIGHT(“00”&D14;2)&”-01“)))
  • Noteworthy fixes
    • Pie-chart: set “use shadows” doesn’t take effect.
    • Pie-chart: set “use gradients” doesn’t take effect.
    • Rename classification name is not working under Admin Console.
    • Classify dashboards sometimes are not working
    • Add a gem to a canvas, I can't find/select the gem
    • If a gem returns no data, it should show a message instead of “MISSING RESOURCE: null”.
    • Not able to save the calculated measures
    • cannot be cast to waffle.servlet.WindowsPrincipal
    • Kerberos is case sensitive for pump url
    • Map not visible after creation
    • For default measure (Statistical_Value) - Infinite recursion detected.
    • Navigation buttons always appends parameters to canvases as result a lot of duplicated created
    • Installer without demo package doesn't create cubes.xml
    • Loading of cubes takes too long after expansion of elements in table
    • Printing to PDF issue
    • Can’t produce time series chart. Error message: No Parsable time data. Also introduced UTC support.
    • BI issue - saved analysis
    • Waterfall chart produces NPE while drawing
    • Drill-through issues
    • Print To PDF shows 401 in pdf instead of canvas screen
    • Extends Time Series chart to support UTC field
    • Can't remove a user or OLAP account from Admin Console.
    • PCGAuthFilter produced NPE if no token found in request
    • Editing map gem in designer doesn’t show values after selection
    • Mempage functionality produces exception for MDX without rows
    • Can't map pcMobile role to an OLAP account on the latest version. The save button is missing from the page.
    • License server response for dsp.allow property processed incorrectly
    • Cube performance: so we move the cube metadata loading to an async separate process and will - while that is loading - allow requests for metadata to land in the main cache (typically very specific requests). it's controlled with the dsp.olap.allowfallback configuration parameter. Needed when you have 8 cubes and a performance issue.
    • Extended support for IE10 with SVG format used for Maps and advanced graphics including for the tooltip.

2.3 Build

2.0 Build - 2.2 Build

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