Admin Console

Most of the administration and configuration can be done using the Admin Console. However certain types of configuration and tweaking demands going beyond the scope of the Console, these are described in Advanced Administration.

Once you have installed pcMobile successfully, you can either access the homepage to get access to admin console by follow the link Admin Console in the upper left corner

It is also possible to access Admin Console directly by going to http://homepage/app/admin.

N.B. Please note that at installation the pcMobile is running in anonymous mode which means that the administrative user interface can only be accessed from the machine it is installed on. Any attempts at accessing it from another host in the network will be denied. This will also be the case at any time the pcMobile server is running in anonymous mode. If you are using another authentication model the account used to access the admin console will have to be granted the proper privileges. For more on setting up security, refer to Security. For more on privileges and roles, see Advanced Administration. If you think things have been setup correctly and you still can't access the admin console, please refer to the Troubleshooting section.

The admin console is splited into General, Taxonomy, Security, Roles, Data Sources, Approval tabs. Each of groups has tools for a specific subset of functionality.

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