Admin Console: General

The general tab holds a number of different tools that are all server-related.

(The screenshot showing the General tab and the actions on it)

Pressing the flush cache button, allows the administrator to force a reload of all metadata from the cubes as well as expunging any cached result-sets, the user privileges cache and so on. This means that all users currently using the system will have to reload their pages since they no longer have an active session.

Set loglevel allows you to change the amount of information written to the log file. Using debug, which will give you a lot of information, will have performance implications so for a production server we recommend that Error or Fatal is used unless troubleshooting is needed. If there is an issue that you would like support on, please set log level to debug, perform the actions that you have an issue with, and attach that log file to your support request. That will allow us to respond faster and more accurately since we are able to instantly look at the problem. Remember to change the log level back afterwards, especially if you are running in a production environment. Here you can read more about the log file.

Change locale will set the server locale to a specific language and region. This is very useful for ensuring that the parseing of dates and times as well as the generation of date and time strings is correct and conforms to the user expectations. This is primarily used in Time Series and other time-related chart generation and the locale needs to correspond to the locale used for formatting of dates and time-stamps on the cube.

If the pcMobile server has not yet been registered a dialog will popup, reminding you that you have to register within 30 days or the server will stop working. In order to register you need a working internet connection and to take an unused key and paste it into the appropriate text field in the registration box. Then press the Register button. If registration is successful the box will disappear and your pcMobile server will now be registered. Note that if you need to reinstall you have to unlock the key first. Do this by contacting support@dspanel.com and they will assist you. Trying to run two servers on the same key (if the key is not for several instances) will result in both servers being blocked.

If running into problems when registering the license key, check FAQ

(A screenshot showing the dialog information reminding you about registration)

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