Gem Menu in Designer

There are two right-click menus available when in the Canvas Designer.

  • Gem menu in designer
  • Right Click on Data Point in a graph gem

You may customize your Canvas by setting its default setting by changing Filters, drilling down and using the right-click menu on each Gem. This is a reference description of the options available for customizing gems using the right-click menus.

Some of the functions in the right-click menu are geared towards analysis and do not persist in the saved canvas. Exactly which menu options that are available to you depends on the security settings made by your systems administrator.

Menu item Effect in Canvas designer Persistant
Edit Will take you to the Gem Edit dialogue (changes will not affect original Gem design) (a part of the Gem wizard) Yes
Save to List On clicking of this option will create the copy of the gem to gems list Yes
Delete Gem Deletes the Gem from the Canvas. Yes
Revert to Original Deletes any changes to the gem reverting to original design. Yes
Lock Hierarchy Locks a selected Hierarchy to the current setting for this gem. Yes
Unlock Hierarchy Unlocks the a gem locked with “Lock Hierarchy”. Yes
Sort… Sorts the x-axis data series. Yes
Show Top Items by Limits data series item to top by count, percent or sum. Yes
Show Bottom Items by Limits data series item to bottom by count, percent or sum. Yes

Menu item Effect in Canvas designer Persistant
Count… Returns a specified number of items from the topmost/ lowest members based on a certain measure. (3 most popular products, 5 top salespersons…). Yes
Percent… Returns a result with the highest/ lowest values whose cumulative total is equal to a specified percentage(show products that make 80% of sales). Yes
Sum… Returns the topmost/ lowest elements whose cumulative total is at least a specified value (show products that make cumulative 1 million in sales). Yes

The configuration screen is similar for all of the filters:

Three parameters are set

  • The measure which is the basis for the selection.
  • The threshold (count, percent or sum) limiting the selection.
  • Order ascending or descending (checkbox).

The contents of “right click data-point” menu is highly dependent on:

  • Your systems and security configuration.
  • Your data source (cube) definition.

Add/Remove Measures

This will show the underlying data by invoking the default drill-through behavior of the data source.
Note: This is in many systems subject to security limitations.

“Set Report” is a data source (Cube) defined action that is added dynamically to this menu. One or more of these items may show in the menu and will be named according to their definitions in the data source (cube).
Below is an example of using a cube action to launch a report created with Microsoft Reporting services.
Reporting Services Report

For more information on cubes in SQL Server 2005 refer to Actions How-to Topics (Analysis Services).

This will show a temporary breakdown box, showing the breakdown of this data point for a given hierarchy.
After selecting the hierarchy for the breakdown a picture like this is shown.
Breakdown by Salesperson

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