Collaboration and Microsoft Office Integration

Todays business is very much about teamwork and collaboration and therefore an important part of working with pcMobile. We also see it important to make it easy to take your canvas further giving you ability to integrate with leading desktop tools such as Microsoft Office. The ability to collaborate, analyze and present is very much the foundation for todays business user and core functions for pcMobile.

Apart from sharing viewpoints as described above you can also annotate on your canvas. These annotations are for specific filter settings and can be either global or local.

  • A global annotation is a general comment you make on a graph or table in the canvas.
  • A local annotation is a comment you make on a specific filter setting on graph or table in the canvas.

If you for example want to make a general comment on the sales graph you use the global comment but if its a specific region or product you want to comment you can use local (current selection only). This is a powerful tool when collaborating over terms, departments or company wide and easily accessible through click in the right mouse button.

You know there is a global and/or local annotation if there is an cartoon bubble in the upper left corner of the table or graph.If there is a double bubble there is several annotations

There are times when you want to work with the data and transform it in a way more suitable for analysis and calculation programs like Microsoft Excel, Excel pivot, PDF and Images file.

pcMobile supports this in basically four ways:

  • Downloading the data to a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet - creates an Excel spreadsheet with the current displayed data. This data is possible to transform in all the ways Microsoft Excel is able to. The function supports versions of Microsoft Excel 2003 or later. It is not possible to upload the information once you have downloaded the data and it doesn't have any connection with data source once it is exported.
  • Exporting to a “live” pivot table in Microsoft Excel - This option is to use the power of Microsoft Excel for pivot analysis. A very useful tool for anyone that needs to analyze and just a click away. One difference with this option is that the pivot table still maintains a live cube connection enabling powerful analysis.
  • Exporting to a PDF file - Downloading to a PDF creates a Portable Document Format of the selected gem.
  • Exporting to a image file - Downloading to a Image file creates an image file of the selected gem.
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