Add and Configure a Business Scorecard Report View

You must configure your SharePoint server to be able to publish and view DSPReport Views. Read Business Scorecard Manager Configuration for information on how to enable report views on your SharePoint server.

Follow these step to create a new report view:

  1. Start Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Builder 2005.
  2. Open an existing workspace or create a new one.
  3. Select a Scorecard or a KPI and then select the Report Views tab.
  4. Click Add and then select New definition and click Next.
  5. Enter a name to be used for the new report view. The name will be used as title for the report view in the scorecard when published to SharePoint.
  6. Select DSP Report View as Report View Type and then select Continue.
  7. Select Configuration in the left pane.
  8. If not present enter the URL to your Workspace server. A workspace server must be used to be able to use/select workspace data sources.
  9. Select a Data source. Click for more information about Use Data Source.
  10. Select a Group to where the report view should be placed.
  11. To be able to use Preview in wizard you need to specify the URL to your SharePoint server.
  12. Click on Click here to configure content… to open Web Part Wizard.
  13. Follow instructions in the wizard, after selecting Publish click OK to save your changes.
  14. Publish your scorecard by right clicking on scorecard in left pane and select Publish.
  15. Select Tools - Deploy Scorecard – To SharePoint menu and follow the instructions to deploy your scorecard to Share Point.

Example of a published scorecard with two configured DSPreport views.

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