Filtered Analysis Links Web Part

Use this web part to display a list of Analysis (.dsa files) , also enables to create new analysis to be saved and displayed in the list

  • Add a new document library to the site and name it for example to Analysis, select None as Document Template
  • Import FilteredAnalysisLinks.dwp into your web part page
  • Select Modify this web part from the web part menu
  • Change the Link property to point to your site and your document library by:
    1. Replacing SITE_PATH to the path of the site where the document library is located
    2. and replace LIST_NAME with the name of your document library

Example 1:

If the URL to the document library is:

then should the Link property be set to:

Note! The value for ListSiteUrl is empty since the document library is placed on the top site.

Example 2:

If the URL to the document library is:

then should the Link property be set to:
  • Change the Detail Link (under advanced group) to the home page of your list. Tip! Browse the document library home page and just copy the URL from the address bar.
  • If not already exists, add a Filter Web Part to the same page. The Filter Selector must be configured with dimensions and members used as filters in linked reports.

To be able to use comments you have to add a column named Comments to your document library. You configure the width of the Comments column by changing the value for the CommentsWidth parameter in the Link property. The default value is 200. Setting the value to zero (0) will hide the Comments and Edit column.

Click the Add new analysis link and follow the wizard. When you close your analysis you choose to save it and then give it a name. When the analysis is closed you have to refresh the page to make it appear in the web part. If the “Microsoft Web Part Client” is running on your client machine then will the client be able to use UNC path and therefore be able to use the standard Windows Save dialog. If not then the client will use HTTP and use a simple input box dialog for entering the name to be used for the analysis.

If you get this error message when saving

please verify that correct ListSiteUrl is specified for the Link property of the Analysis List Web Part.

Click on the link displayed in the list

Click on the Edit icon on the item and then click Delete from the tool bar. Or click the Detail Link (Header of the web part) and then edit your item in the list.

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