Configure Web Part

In the web part tool pane you can change standard properties and Web Part specific properties. Web Part specific properties are configured through the Web Part Wizard. If the page is in Personal View, change it to Shared View from the Modify Personal Page drop down menu on in top right corner of the page.

  1. To open up the tool pane select Modify Shared Web Part from the drop down menu on the web part.

  2. Then click Open wizard… that appears in the tool pane to the right in the page.

To configure a web part you start with selecting a Data Source then you select Measure and Dimension. When you have selected the data for your web part you can configure the layout Axis content, Measure format, Chart Setting, Web part size and Series color. In the General Setting step you configure if to override Detail link and to use Actions. Finally you Publish your configured web part to your page.

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