Connecting Web Parts

Consumer Web Parts (Chart, Table, Trend and Z Graph) can be connected to the Filter Selector. When connected they will on changes in the Filter Selector show its data filtered on selected members. The consumer web part must at least have one dimension of the dimensions in the Filter Selector set as Filter or to be able to filter its data.

  • To connect two web parts your page has to be in Design mode. You set the page into Design mode by selecting Design this Page from the Modify Shared Page menu in the top right corner of your page. The page is also in Design mode if any of your web part has its tool pane opened.
  • On the web part you want to connect to the Filter Selector select Connections - Consume Filter From - The name of the web part from the drop down menu on the web part.

You can also connect a Filter Selector to a consumer web part from Connections menu on the Filter Selector it self.

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