Create a DSP Filter Web Part

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  1. Add a DSP Filter web part by following the same steps as before. Drag and drop a DSP Filter web part instead of the DSP Chart web part.
  2. Open the wizard
  3. Select the data source you previously created for the chart (SalesDemo)
  4. Configure Filter Selector running the steps in wizard.
    • Salesperson ([Salesperson].Members)
    • Time (Select members 2003, 2004, 2003Q1, 2003Q2, 2003Q3, 2003Q4, 2004Q1, 2004Q2, 2004Q3 and 2004Q4)
    • Display Salesperson members in List.
    • Display Time members in Tree.
  5. Press Next until Publish is enabled then press Publish – wizard closes. Press Apply or OK to update the Filter Web Part on the dashboard.
  6. If everything works the result will be something like this:
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