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Interact with the Web Part

It is possible to interact with the web part in many ways. In the drop down menu there is standard and DSP specific functions. The Detail Link of the web part can be used to launch applications or as navigation to other pages. The web part can also be configured to enable action to activate when user clicking on object in the web part.

Use Functions in the Drop Down Menu of the Web Part

  • Minimize to only view the header of the web part.
  • Close if you want to remove it from the page but be able to add it again from the tool pane.
  • Delete if you want to delete the web part.
  • Modify Shared Web Part if you want to change any property of the web part. See Configure Web Part.
  • Connections when you want to connect the web part to another web part. See Connecting web parts.
  • Export to export the web part to dwp file.
  • Send when you want to send your web part as an email. This requires that Analysis Client is installed locally on your machine.
  • Copy to open a Copy dialog where you can select to copy selected web part as a bitmap to clip board or copy all web parts on page to PowerPoint or Word.
  • View Data to see the data in your web part presented in a table.
  • About to view information of the current product version and how to contact support.

Detail link is the caption in the header of the web part. It can be configured manually through the web part tool or through the Web Part Wizard. By default is detail link used by the Web Parts to launch the Analysis Client but can be configured to use other applications. See Configure Detail Link for how to configure.

Use Actions to Navigate or Launch URL Based Applications

The Web Parts can be configured to use actions. An action can be activated by clicking a bar/cell, series/row item or a category/column item. See Actions for how to enable actions.

In this example is an action enabled for cells/bars. When the user hovers over an object in the web part that has an action it will highlight and display a tool tip with information. When the user clicks the object the action will be activated and open it in a new window or navigate to another page.

Copy Web Part

The menu option Copy will open a dialog where you can select to copy selected web part as a bitmap to clip board or copy all web parts on page to PowerPoint or Word.

  • Select (All) in the Copy list to copy all web parts into PowerPoint slides or into Word document.
  • Select Close when ready if you want the dialog to be closed when copy is done.
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