Configure DSP Web Part Server to Run in COM+

You can configure DSP Web Part Server to run as a COM+ application and use a specified account when accessing the OLAP cube. This account will be used for all users that access the web parts.

NB When using DSP on 64 bit platform it is mandatory to configure the Web Part Server to run in COM+

  1. If not already exists create an NT/AD-account to be used by the application to access your OLAP cubes.
  2. Assign a role in your cube/s and add NT/AD-account prepared above to that role.
  3. If not already exists create a NT/AD-group that will be used to give access to the application. This is normally the same group that will be used for giving access to your WSS sites.

  1. Expand the nodes Component Services – Computers – My Computer – COM+ Applications.
  2. Mark the COM+ Applications node.
  3. Right click and choose New – Application.
  4. Click Next in the first welcome step.
  5. Click Create an empty application.
  6. Name the application dspws. Let the activation type be Server application. Click Next.
  7. Choose This user as account. Enter the NT/AD account prepared in step 1.a above (Do not use Interactive user). Click Next.
  8. Choose Add role. Name the role wpusers. Click OK and then Next.
  9. Expand the wpusers node and select Users. Click Add. Add NT/AD-group prepared in step 1.c above. Click Next.
  10. Click Finish.

  1. Expand the application created above, dspws, and select the Components node.
  2. Right click components node and choose New - Component. Click Next in the Welcome step.
  3. Click Import component(s) that are already registered.
  4. Choose the component dspws.clsWPServer. (In 64 bit OS check the checkbox 32-Bit Registry.) Click Next.
  5. Click Finish.

  1. Expand the nodes dspws – Components and select the dspws.clsWPServer node.
  2. Right click dspws.clsWPServer and choose Properties.
  3. Click Security tab.
  4. Select wpusers in the role list.
  5. Click OK.

Run IISRESET on the web server.

Note: When running the DSP Web Part Wizard on the portal server an error, Permission Denied, can occur when choosing to preview the web part. To avoid the error make sure the user that runs the wizard is a member of the role wpusers assigned to the COM+ application (See step 2.1).

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